Sunday, 6 June 2010

Suqqu Fall 2010 Revamp

As mentioned earlier, Suqqu will be revamping its skincare, base and colour makeup lines on 3 September in Japan.

You can see pics of the new lineup at FANet and The new base and colour makeup items are as follow:

1. Frame Fix Liquid Foundation SPF25 PA++: 8 shades, 10500yen for 25ml

2. Frame Fix Cream Foundation SPF25 PA++: 8 shades, 10500yen for 30g

3. Frame Fix Moist Pact Foundation SPF25 PA++: 8 shades, 10500yen for 30g

4. Nuancing Loose Powder: 2 types, 6300yen for 15g

5. Nuancing Pressed Powder: 2 types, 6300yen

6. Concealer Spots Cover: 3 shades, 4200yen

7. Blend Color Eyeshadow: 6 quads, 7140yen

8. Balancing Cheeks: 4 variations, 6825yen

9. Balancing Eyebrow: 2 variations, 6825yen

10. Creamy Glow Lipstick: 18 shades, 5250yen

The new eyeshadow quads are dominated by neutral browns, beiges and nudes, without any of the blues and greens eyeshadows that are in the current lineup. So if you have been eyeing any of the current quads, you may want to snag them before they disappear for good.


fuzkittie said...

Woah this is already burning a hole in my wallet....

Haru said...

Suqqu is so expensive, over US$100 for a foundation and more than US$50 for a lipstick. I actually prefer the current line-up which looks more interesting compared to this flood of neutrals.

M. said...

Who's the model in the ad? She looks like a ghost!

Haru said...

Not sure who is model, but it could just be the lighting in the photo.

Lydia said...

I'm a little disappointed by this. Suqqu last revamped its lineup in Autumn 2007, so this seems very soon to be doing it again.

I also agree with you Haru that the quads look a bit dull, compared to the current Blend quads - this is the way the last couple of collections have been going. I know it sells well, but I do like to see something a bit different too. Luckily, I have a few of the current quads already.

Haru said...

hi Grace,
Perhaps Suqqu will introduce more interesting palettes in its seasonal limited edition collections? The brand is targeted at more mature consumers with high spending power, whom I guess are not really into experimenting with colours.

♥akisa♥ said...

Hi Haru, do you know which Suqqu foundation shade is closest to MAC's NC20? I can't figure out from the foundation chart whether it's 101 or 02..

Haru said...

I haven't tried Suqqu's foundations before so I don't know how light they run compared to MAC, sorry!