Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Integrate Fall 2010

Integrate will release its Fall 2010 collection on 21 August in Japan. With the theme of "Lovely & Happy", the most eye-catching new item must be the Rainbow Grade Eyes, which is a line of 9 eyeshadow palettes designed to make it very easy for anyone to do a perfect eye gradation.

The collection includes:
1. Rainbow Grade Eyes: 9 palettes (1575yen, 3.5g)

The shades in the palette are: (1) primer/base, (2) highlight colour; (3) accent colour; (4) line colour; and (5) rainbow pearl shade which is to be patted on over the other powder eyeshadows for extra sparkle.

2. Diamond Star Rouge: 12 lipsticks (1575yen, 2.2g)

3. Sakura Drop Essence: lip treatment essence (840yen, 7g)

4. Micro Slim Eyebrow: 3 shades (735yen)

5. Smooth On Liner: eyeliner in 3 shades (735yen)

6. Mineral Foundation (Loose): new lighter shade "0"(1785yen, 10g)

7. Mineral Foundation (Pressed) SPF16 PA+: new lighter shade OC00 (1785yen, 10g)


shopaholic said...

i like the eye palettes, very alluring and easy to use! perhaps the sakura thingy is worth checking out too!

Anonymous said...

so pretty!!
where can we buy it?

Haru said...

Adambeauty.com (based in Hong Kong) carries Integrate and ships internationally.

Ling said...

Wow, dear haru, love Rainbow Grade palette, cute and heart hugging design. the jap are really great at this. :)

haru, i'm a noob on this but can you tell me how does the season collection goes in japan? e.g. if fall collection is in august, which month can we expect summer, winter, autumn collection? i think for hot climate like singapore, we should look out for summer collection..my guess only and hope i am right, hehe :)

thanks ya, dear! :)

galpal.hi said...

The eye palettes are really pretty! I've never used the Integrate line before so this may be a good time. I know that I'm definitely going to have to get the Sakura Drop Essence.

Thanks for the info!


Haru said...

hi Ling,
For Japan, spring collections are released in Dec-Feb, summer in Apr-Jun, fall in Jul-Sep and holiday collections usually in Nov-Dec. Some brands are very consistent in when they release new collections, such as Majolica Majorca which does four collections a year, usually on 21 Jan/Apr/Jul/Nov.

Hawaii_Moon said...

Hi Haru

what's your view on drugstore brand vs branded/counter brand makeup if both perform equally well?

do you think we pay more because of advertising effect, branding strategies for counter brand?

asking this because i was in John little and swatch the latest canmake beige eye shadow, it looks gorgeous and the pigmentation is close to lunasol beige series but we are paying 3 - 4 times more for branded one. if both pigmentation is equally good and long wearing, do you think it's the marketing we are paying for actually and not product quality for branded one?


Haru said...

hi Hawaii_Moon,
I think many drugstore brands do produce good quality makeup that is comparable to more expensive prestige brands but with prestige brands, you do get nicer packaging, product design as well as more unique colours and elegant product formulations. I doubt you can find drugstore brands that produce shade combinations like those by Lunasol. There is a quality difference as Lunasol's eyeshadows are richer with a silkier texture and brighter tones, compared to drugstore brands. But it's really up to the individual consumer to decide what kind of shades and textures she likes and what is more worthwhile to buy. Personally, I buy both drugstore and prestige brands.

Su said...

I was in Hong Kong earlier and there was no Integrate found in Mannings and Watsons. Was so sad
:( Is this a counter brand?

Haru said...

hi Su,
Nope, Integrate is a drugstore brand. I'm not familiar with the shops in Hong Kong so I don't know where Integrate is stocked there (if it is at all).

leechie said...

leechie lurves the integrate heart-shaped eyeshadows...so pretty...but it seems tt there r a few brown combinations...which one is more recommended...i prefer dark browns to do smokey eyes o.O

btw, leechie has sinned...went to kose sales n bot 3 eyeshadow palettes of cosme decorte AQ colors...their colors r really light...but the prices r really attractive as compared to counter prices...