Sunday, 20 June 2010

Aqua Label Launch in Singapore

A few weeks ago, the lovely folks at Shiseido invited me to preview their Aqua Label skincare range which will be launched exclusively in Watsons stores in Singapore on 1 July. There will be a soft launch of the line at Tampines Mall Atrium starting tomorrow Monday 21 June to Sunday 27 June, whereby a S$30 purchase will entitle you to a free facial. Facebook fans of Aqua Label get to enjoy an additional facial. Just check out the details on the Aqua Label Facebook page!

So, what is Aqua Label? It is actually the no. 1 skincare brand in Japan for the so-called "self-select market" of products priced up to 2000yen. The products come in four ranges: whitening (blue packaging), moisturising (red), anti-acne (green) and anti-aging (purple). All except the anti-aging range will be released in Singapore, at least for the immediate period. Depending on the consumer response, Shiseido may consider launching the anti-aging line in Singapore later. Anyway, just with the whitening, moisturising and anti-acne lines, there are about 50 different products including the usual face cleansers, face essence, lotions and even cleansing oils, sheet masks and powder foundations. The Whitening and Moisturising lines are the most extensive while the anti-acne line only has three products (lotion, emulsion and effector).

Aqua Label focuses mainly on keeping the skin well-moisturised and balanced with its philosophy of "sink, saturate and seal" with moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic acid. The whitening line also contains m-Tranexamic Acid for inhibiting the production of melanin.

For effective makeup removal of even the most stubborn waterproof makeup, the Whitening Line has the Deep Clear Oil Cleansing while the Moisturising Line offers a Creamy Oil Cleansing.

The White Clear Foam from the Whitening Line also contains white clay powder from Turin, Italy, to help remove surface impurities.

For the past two weeks, I've been trying out the White Up Lotion, White Up Emulsion and Aqua Effector. I've been travelling quite a bit plus work has been a real nightmare, so my skin has been under a fair bit of stress.

The Aqua Enhancer is a unique product by Aqua Label that is supposed to be patted on following the lotion and emulsion, to further seal the moisture in the skin. As my skin does not take well to too many products being layered on it, I used the White Up Lotion followed by the White Up Emulsion during the week that I was in New York, without the Aqua Effector. The combination of the lotion and emulsion was sufficient to keep my skin moisturised in the dry New York climate. After using up the lotion, I've been using the Aqua Effector right after cleansing my skin. It makes my skin feel refreshed without any sticky feeling.

I also got to experience the 45-minute facial at Shiseido's office. They do not believe in doing extractions, so the facial comprised mainly cleansing, steaming, massaging and moisturising. I felt so relaxed after the facial that I actually had difficulty concentrating while driving home!

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