Thursday, 24 June 2010

Esprique Precious Fall 2010

Esprique Precious will release its Fall 2010 collection on 16 July in Japan. The collection includes:

1. Heart Graphical Rouge: Glossy long-lasting lipstick in 8 shades, designed to emphasise the curvature of the lips

2. Heart Graphical Mascara: Lengthening mascara with a brush specially designed for layering on extra coats at the outer corners

3. Aurora Crystal Gloss

4. Dual Lip Pencil: Pearl-infused lip liner and lip concealer in one.

The spokesmodel will continue to be Japanese singer Mai Kuraki. The collection tagline is "Sweet and heartful, my ideal image".


Gabrielle said...

your blog has so much up-to-date infos!!! i like their makeup products!!!

Annie Dong said...

Oh my lord! What the heck is that mascara wand?! LOL~

Michelle said...

The mascara looks interesting~