Thursday 13 January 2011

Anna Sui at Sephora Singapore

In yet another piece of Anna Sui news, the brand has just launched at Sephora in Singapore!

"Spring at Anna Sui is headlined by an encore performance of Lip Gloss Clear (C) and Lip Gloss Rich (R). Supported by a stellar cast of FIVE new nail colors and the complex stylings of the Double Cheek Color the Spring Collection has everything you need for your time in the spotlight. With the Anna Sui Spring Collection, you are the star and the world is your stage."

From 13 - 19 January, just say the tagline "Shine Like A Movie Star with Anna Sui" at Sephora Ion to receive an Anna Sui base, foundation and fragrance sample. With any $80 purchase, you can also purchase this limited edition tin case for only $16. This promotion is exclusively at Sephora Ion.


galpal.hi said...

Ah, you're so lucky to be able to have Anna Sui in your Sephora. I wish that more asian brands would be available in stores in Hawaii. You would think that it would make sense since we have such a huge asian demographic.


Tiptoe21 said...

How lovely! Thank you for sharing. I'd like to visit Singapore someday, so this is definitely something I can look forward to. Unfortunately, Anna Sui isn't as readily available here in the States. =(

Haru said...

Hi Kat,
It's a pity that the line is not more widely available outside of East Asia as they have some really nice and unique products.

hi Tiptoe21,
hope you do get to visit Singapore some day!

Anonymous said...

Hi, isit availaible at all sephora store at sg include takashimaya? =)

Vanessa said...

Hmm...don't we already have Anna Sui in department stores???? Why don'they bring in brands that are not available in department stores 1st? Isn't EVERYONE asking for NARS?

Haru said...

I was told by the Anna Sui PR folks that the promotion was at all Sephora stores in Singapore but Sephora Singapore's Facebook page states that the promotion is only at Sephora Ion so it's best to head there if you want to take advantage of the offer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris,

This is an off-topic question. I'm asking a friend to buy me the Fix+ Lavender from Spore, I wonder if they're still available? Which counter do you think that may still have it? Any number that I can call and do they accept reservation if my friend is going to Spore this weekend? Thank you.


Haru said...

hi Shaz,
You can find the telephone numbers of the MAC counters in Singapore here:

The telephone numbers are 8-digits, all starting with 6. I don't think they take reservations, but you can call them to check. The Tampines counter is not located in the central shopping district though, so you probably want to avoid it as it's quite far out in the suburbs.

ルーシー said...

Argggh~~ it's too late! T_T Unfortunately I've just left singapore yesterday! *sob*
I really love Anna Sui so much, poor me missed that cute thing

Haru said...

Sorry to hear that, Lucy! Hope you enjoyed your trip here nevertheless!