Saturday 8 January 2011

Sleek Sparkle i-Divine Palette

The Sparkle i-Divine Palette is the latest eyeshadow palette released by Sleek. I think Sparkle was limited edition as it is no longer available on the Sleek website, although you can probably find it on Ebay. There is a plastic sheet printed with the names of the eyeshadows. The top row (from left to right) is Cranberry, Dream Maker, Galactic, Twinkle, Star Light and Noir. The bottom row has Illusion, Festive, Mistletoe, Glitz & Glamour, Gold Ribbon and Tinsel.

The Sparkle palette features quite a varied selection of intensely pigmented shades, all sprinkled through with micro sparkles. The sparkles are visible in the pan but when applied, they don't really show up. Most shades have a semi-matte finish, and not a shiny metallic finish. I found the eyeshadows to be a bit too intense actually, especially when applied with the included sponge applicator. So it's best to use a very light hand with these and to have a good blending brush ready at hand.

For this look, I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance as the primer, Festive on the inner half of the lid, Twinkle on the outer half, Star Light in the crease, and Tinsel over the browbone area, the inner corners and along the lower lashline.

For the second look, I used MAC Dangerous Cuvée Paint Pot as the base, Mistletoe at the inner half of the lid, Galactic at the outer half, Gold Ribbon at the inner half of the crease, Dream Maker at the outer half of the crease, and Tinsel over the browbone area, inner corners and along the lower lashline.

Some of the shades like Galactic tend to have quite a bit of fallout during the application process, so do try to tap off the excess from your brush or sponge applicator before applying.

The eyeshadows feel a tad soft and crumbly. Other more expensive brands may not be as pigmented as Sleek's eyeshadows but they tend to have a much more refined texture with a more elegant illuminance than Sleek.


galpal.hi said...

I love the first look that you did. Your eyes just pop and look really big. It's beautiful!


Ling said...

can i know what's the face product you used for this post? looks special; brighter, fairer and have a nice glow! :P


Rainbow said...

love the combination u used for the 2 looks. i just received my sparkle palette recently and was cracking my head, how to use the colors. ha... u have certainly given me the much needed inspiration!

shopaholic shopper said...

Hello Iris,

I liked the second look on you, very nice and classy!
Good weekend to you!

Karelessly in Love said...

I have to say despite the good online reviews of Sparkle, I was rather disappointed. The colours hough intense and pigmented, were matte and flat upon application. Do you find that using dangerous cuvee as base makes them prettier?

Haru said...

hi Kat,

hi Ling,
The base makeup is Maquillage Stick Foundation topped with Cosme Decorte AQ Loose Powder.

hi Rainbow,
Glad to be of help :-)

hi shopaholic shopper,
thank you! Hope you have an enjoyable weekend too.

hi Karelessly in Love ,
The shimmer in Dangerous Cuvee doesn't really show through the Sleek eyeshadows, so perhaps you can try dusting a translucent shimmery shade on top of the Sleek eyeshadows. Dangerous Cuvee did work quite well as a base.

Isla said...

May I ask what lip products you used in those 2 looks? The eyes are beautiful but what really got my attention in the first one is the red lip, and the second is a really lovely neutral...

carpe diem said...

Love the last look! Looks beautiful on you.

makeupmag said...

I'm glad you got the Paint Pot. :D

Loved how the red matched your hair so well. Pretty!

Haru said...

hi Agmini,
the red lipgloss is NARS Bougainvillea lip gloss while the beige lip is Addiction #14 Azalea lip gloss.

Hi Carpe diem,

hey mag,
thank you :-)

Chantana said...

The first eye combo look really pretty!! I want to try that out myself ^__^

Kas said...

I like both looks! I agree - the sparkles don't really show up which is a biiiiiit disappointing :(