Saturday, 1 January 2011

Elle Hong Kong & Sentimental Circus

Dropped by Kinokuniya earlier today to pick up the January issue of Elle Hong Kong (S$12.84) as it comes with an unusual freebie - a pair of knitted arm warmers!

The arm warmers are available in grey and black. When I was at the Ngee Ann City store around 3pm, there was only one copy with the black warmers left and about 3 copies with the grey warmers.

There is no brand on these, but I thought they would come in useful not only during winter holidays but also in my office which can get quite chilly.

The hole in the side for the thumb.

These do feel quite warm and comfy, plus they cover all the way to my elbow while leaving my fingers free to type.

Over at the stationery section, I came across this new character range called "Sentimental Circus" by San-x. I've never seen this character before so it could be a one-off collection.

The reverse side of the plastic folder.

Love the whimsical illustrations!

The spiral notebook is available in two designs.

The mini memo pads each contain two designs.

Got the eraser as well!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about your Sentimental Circus purchase. I think you are right about it being a one off collection, because I can find very little information regarding this San-x series. I know that they just recently came out with plush toys of the characters so maybe you will see them soon?

makeupmag said...

Your arm looks so stylish (really!) with those warmers on. :)

And I knew you'd like Sentimental Circus. So cute and whimsical!

makeupmag said...

So cute, the webby!