Friday, 7 January 2011

MAC Mickey Contractor and Cham Pale

Stopped by Tangs Orchard earlier today to check out the three new collections, Mickey Contractor, Stylishly Yours and Cham Pale.

Mickey Contractor is MAC India's Director of Makeup Artistry and famous for his work with Bollywood actresses.

The four eyeshadow singles (Oomph, Marvel, Rani and Saffron) looked promising but the textures were not as rich and velvety as I had hoped for.

Here are some swatches of the lipsticks from the Mickey Contractor and Stylishly Yours collections.

The Cham Pale collection is dominated by icy pale shades. The Lipgelees are especially eye-catching thanks to the generous shower of silvery sparkles throughout.

Here's what I came home with!

Fix+ Lavender (S$25) is a skin refresher cum finishing mist that can be sprayed on top of makeup. From the Mickey Contractor collection, I picked up both Fluidlines (S$28) and Gulabi lipstick (S$28), a bright fuschia Amplified Creme.

Of the four Paint Pots (S$33) in the Cham Pale collection, I picked Let Me Pop (light copper) and Dangerous Cuvée (cool grey). These are lovely both on their own or as shimmery metallic bases under powder eyeshadows. I was originally intending to get only Let Me Pop but Mag convinced me that Dangerous Cuvée would be useful to have as well, especially when doing smoky eye looks.

As Chinese New Year is approaching, Tangs is currently giving away these bunny-themed mini shopper bag and red packets as a gift with purchase of S$128, exclusively for cardmembers!


shopaholic said...

hey, I got Fix+ Lavender too, love the scent! However, Robinsons doesn't carry the Mickey Contractor collection. Your Gulabi lippy is very flattering!

Anonymous said...

How unlucky for us, we don't have the Stylishly Yours and Fix+ Lavender here in Malaysia :(

MatryoshkaDoll said...

Nice haul! I also got the two fluidlines from the Mickey Contractor collection - I'm bummed though that they couldn't make these permanent, or less limited edition, since MAC hasn't had new fluidlines in ages! This collection wasn't widely available in the US, was it better in Singapore?

Karelessly in Love said...

Any idea if these cillections are launched at the standalone store in ngee Ann city?

Haru said...

I'm not sure, you should call them to ask: 6735-6622

Haru said...

hi MatryoshkaDoll,
I don't know if the Mickey Contractor collection is available at all counters in Singapore. There wasn't any mad rush for it at the counter that I was at, so it shouldn't be difficult for anyone to get it here, since Singapore is such a small city!

Anonymous said...

i only bought I Get No Kick Eye Kohl from Champale collection.
I have some Paintpots but I find that I don't use them too much so I better not buy more.
I tried on the 2 fluidlines but found them not a must have. I prefer pencil eyeliner.
I already have tons of lipstick but I can never have enough of lipgloss.
I'm saving my haul for the Peacocky collection :X

rene said...

I got the bunny bag and ang po packs too! Such cute and whimsical prints! love it!

shopaholic shopper said...

Hi Iris,

After reading your post, I dropped by MAC Tangs today to pick up the paint pots in Chilled on Ice and Dangerous Cuvée! Thanks for the latest update always!

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris,

The Fix+ Lavender is just SGD25? That's an ok price for that, right? Btw, do you know how much is the single Mac eyeshadow? Thanks.


Haru said...

I think it's around S$24 but I'm really not sure.

makeupmag said...

Thanks for your receipt! :) I enjoyed our short time out. And yes, it's a 'restrained' haul lor. :P

Love the Lavender Fix+.

Kas said...

I was bummed that I missed you that day - didn't expect to be held up in school. I'm so glad I picked up the paintpots and the fluidlines too! And I love the Mehr lipstick!

Haru said...

Mehr looked a bit flat to me. I have dry lips so I try to pick lipsticks that have a bit of a glossy sheen or creaminess that make them wear more comfortably.