Thursday 6 January 2011

Chanel Le Blanc

Chanel will release a new whitening skincare and makeup collection on 25 February in Japan.

The collection includes:
1. Le Blanc Cream (13650yen, 50g)

2. Le Blanc Compact SPF25 PA+++ (7035yen, 6 shades, 10g)

3. Le Blanc Fluid SPF25 PA+++ (6825yen, 30ml, 6 shades)

4. Poudre Lumiere Veil (6300yen, LE)

5. Joues Contrast #67 Rose Tourbillon (5565yen)

6. Le Quatre Ombres #31 (7245yen)

7. Rouge Allure #86 and #87 (4095yen)

8. Levres Scintillantes #152 Blossom and #154 Liaison (3465yen)

Pics and info from Voce and


Anonymous said...

looks like it's time for me to hit the Chanel Boutique. I am so out of touch! Thanks for the update. you always have the latest imformation!

santa_monica8 said...

The model pose looks weird ha ha. Nevertheless the makeup collection looks good. Prob will check out when it hits our shore.

LiisK said...

They should be selling that stuff here too. White folks in Northern Europe have loads of trouble finding fair enough foundations :S

galpal.hi said...

Thanks for the info Haru. I'm sorry to say this but the model's picture creeps me out. It doesn't look right--head too big on top of too skinny body or something. Anyway, I haven't tried anything from Chanel yet. Perhaps this is the year to do so.


Anonymous said...

I think this is the first model I've ever seen (for the Asian market or anywhere, really) with no double eyelids.

Anonymous said...

liu wen is the first asian model for estee lauder, and she has single eyelids.

makeupmag said...

That visual of the model looks like it could belong to a horror movie poster. Scary.