Thursday 6 January 2011

Muji Snacks

While waiting for a friend at the Muji store in Ion Orchard, I wandered over to the food section where I found an interesting selection of snacks. Came home with this bounty!

Pretzels in cheddar cheese, chocolate and mustard flavours.

Matcha (green tea) marshmallows.

Fried rice cake in chilli flavour and pumpkin chips.


ylangylang said...

OMG Iris! The snacks look so yummy! I know where I will be heading after work tomorrow ;) Have a good weekend ahead! :)

Jenni said...

i love their black tea butter cookies, they smelled so nice :D try it if you see it :)!

MatryoshkaDoll said...

Earl Grey Marshmallows? OMG, I would love to try those. Everything looks unique and delish!

Anonymous said...

I love their snacks too expecially the lightly salted potato chips. I am quite tempted to try their range of teas also.

Anna said...

look delicious! I would like to try the matcha marshmallows

we have muji on my city but they don't sell food :(

makeupmag said...

Aiya, forgot to check out the cranberry that Yumie mentioned! :P My family loves the marshmallows from Muji; really yummy!