Tuesday 4 January 2011

Esprique Precious Gradation Layer Cheeks

Esprique Precious released a new Gradation Layer Cheeks in two variations in October last year. Kosé Singapore sent me #1 Coral Red to review and I loved it so much that I purchased #2 Pink Rose last weekend at Robinsons. These are not limited edition.

The blush refill (S$35, 8g) is sold separately from the case (S$15). There is a clear plastic sheet affixed to the case to help protect the blush. Nevertheless, the blush tends to kick up quite a bit of loose powder bits into the brush compartment.

The case comes with the brush, which is very soft and of a good size and quality. I like the slim elegant case which looks very convenient for travel.

#1 Coral Red (left in the pic below) is the more red-toned pink while #2 Pink Rose is the sweeter, more feminine mix of pinks.

The "Lucent" shade (A) shade at the top is for creating a natural glow and luminescence. The "Shadow" shade at the bottom (B) is for shading to make the face appear slimmer while the "Pure" shade on the left (C) gives a translucent healthy glow. The "Tint" shade on the right (D) is for creating a soft, translucent effect. With the exception of the Shadow shade, the other three shades have a very refined micro-shimmer. There are no chunky glitter bits.

For creating a sharper, more elegant look, it is recommended that you apply the blush in the crescent shaped area on the diagram. For creating a more youthful, cute look, it is recommended that you apply the blush on the apples of the cheeks.

In these pics, the top row shows the four shades in #1 Coral Red, the middle row shows the four shades in #2 Pink Rose while the bottom row shows how the four shades in #1 Coral Red and #2 Pink Rose look like when blended together. These swatches were done with two layers on my bare hand without the use of any primer.

I like the delicate shimmery finish of both Gradation Layer Cheeks as there is no artificial-looking frostiness even when layered. The blushes have good colour payoff without being too crazily pigmented, so it allows you to layer easily to your preferred intensity.

In the pic above, I am using #2 Pink Rose while in the pic below, I am using #1 Coral Red.

Here's the ingredients list.

You can find Esprique Precious at the Kosé counters in Isetan Scotts, Takashimaya, Robinsons (Raffles City & Centrepoint), OG, Metro and BHG. The new spring collection featuring the Dual Gradation Eyes (S$46) is also available now. You can read a detailed review of the Dual Gradation Eyes on Lotus Palace!


Anonymous said...

Been trying to find this brand! Didn't know it can be found in Singapore.. Thanks for the tip! :)

Unknown said...

hello. (:
i've been reading your blog for some time now. and i really love your blog. (:

i just started to develop a love for make up. and i'm just curious. . .

1) where did you get all the money to spend on sooo much awesome stuff?
2) how do you store them all?!
3) does anybody stops you from purchasing more makeup?
4) do you use all the makeup you bought?

hope i dont sound rude or anything.
i'm just really curious. (:
keep blogging girl! :D

Haru said...

hi Raisa,
If you've been reading the blog, you would have seen that I just addressed some of the questions that you raised.

1. I work for it. Like most people, I have a job. Money doesn't fall from the sky.

2. I store them in Muji drawers and various makeup pouches.

3. No, I am capable of managing my own finances and I am spending my own money.

4. Yes.

Anonymous said...

hi haru,

i think i read somewhere in one of your post (or one of the many beauty blogger's post) that Esprique Precious may be pulling out of sg. do u happen to have any update on this?

thanks. (:

Haru said...

I'm afraid I don't have an update, so if you like the brand, don't wait too long to try it out!

makeupmag said...

The pink one looks tempting! I like the coral one too (will post my review tomorrow, hopefully). Thanks for the additional info.