Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Lush Valentine's Day

For this coming Valentine's Day, Lush has turned its crowd favourite Honey I Washed the Kids soap into a shower gel, It's Raining Men. And for all the lonely hearts out there, there's also the jasmine-scented Frog Prince bath ballistic, which I find hysterically funny :-) The third new product is Love Birds soap, which is scented with jasmine and vanilla. Sadly, everything is limited edition.

Remember the Geri Halliwell version of It's Raining Men? I loved this!


The Misery Chick said...

Wooo, I want some of that It's Raining Men! LOL.

I v much prefer The Weather Girls' version, maybe bec the video is funnier? :)

Sad that Lush closed its doors here. :( I remember enjoying the gorgeous scent as I get nearer to Wisma Atria via the underpass. I don't know why some people cannot take the smell!! Or maybe back then, not many are into the idea of paying more for a bar of soap or fresh face masks?


ylangylang said...

hi Iris,
is there any online store that ships Lush items to Singapore? Thnks!

Haru said...

Lush UK ships internationally, including to Singapore. The other alternative is to use VPost Europe through Singpost.

hi Maya,
I haven't seen the Weather Girls' version, will check it out! I think Lush came into Singapore too early when there weren't that many affluent customers around. The scent of the store is very heady for some people. There's a store in Holland Village that just started selling Lush but the prices are quite marked up.

diorlywoods said...

Awww I want It's Raining Men! I love that scent. :)

makeupmag said...

I wish they'd bring back the grapefruity Back For Breakfast Gel. :)

galpal.hi said...

I hope that the Hawaii store will have It's Raining Men. I've been wanting to try the Honey I Washed the Kids soap but every time I go to the mall that has Lush, I keep on forgetting to go there.

The Love Birds soap is so cute too.


Kas said...

Love Birds soap looks very pretty and sounds lovely. And I'd just swoon all over the HIWTK-scented Its Raining Men!