Monday, 31 January 2011

Topshop Future Nails

Last week, I was sporting Topshop Nails in Future, a limited edition shade from the Heavy Duty Fall 2010 collection. This was quite affordable at just £6 for 8ml. In Singapore, I think the nail polishes retail at around S$13.

I love the rich midnight blue shade which worked well with my skintone. A number of friends also complimented it!

The nail polish applies smoothly and two coats was sufficient to produce an opaque finish. With a Sally Hansen topcoat and Paul & Joe base, the polish lasted on my nails for a week with just a teensy bit of tipwear and no major chips.


pinky with lashes said...

I AM SO PISSED!... u noe after i read ur post on this topshop nail polish i went to buy it yesterday...i bought the gunmetal color...the 1 tt reflects green & purple...& guess wat??!!....THE FREAKIN THING GOT NO BRUSH INSIDE!! Yes!...u heard right! no brush!....somehow i picked out a 'factory outlet' bottle....@#%%$%#@!...i'm still pissed... :/
however like u said the consistency and color are great! i had to rinse an old brush out with NP remover to apply though :D

Haru said...

Oh no, that's terrible! Why don't you bring it back to the store for a replacement?

pinky with lashes said...

nope, annoying but i'm nt wasting my time to drop by or buy anymore topshop makeup. the thgs r not unique or high quality enough to justify for its price tags. NO BRUSH! seriously!...i bought nail polishes since i was 10 & even a $1 nail polish has a freaking brush!!!