Saturday 29 January 2011

More March 2011 x Banner Barrett

I picked up the March issue of More (S$19.30) yesterday evening at Kinokuniya. The magazine comes with a lovely set of three Banner Barrett zip pouches. Banner Barrett is a Japanese fashion line, which I'm not familiar with. I only wanted the pretty flower-print pouches which are bound to come in handy, such as for storing a small selection of makeup products for touching up on the go.

The pouches are made of polyester with a PVC coating. The largest pouch is 12x21x2cm. The pen case is 7x21 cm and the card case is 8x11.5cm. The fact that the three pouches sport zips of different colours is a nice touch.

As is common with magazine pouches, the inside seams are exposed along the sides of the pouches. The material feels a tad thin as there is no separate lining or padding but nevertheless, the pouches retain their shapes well.

Ideas for how to use the pouches.

Banner Barrett fashion feature in the styles of Diane Keaton, Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot.

The dress in the pic below features the same floral print as the pouches.

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