Saturday 1 January 2011

Tokidoki for Singpost

While I was overseas, Mag (Makeup Stash) also very kindly helped me to snag this extremely limited edition SingPost Tokidoki Mystamp collection. This has probably already sold out at all local post offices. Mag's post office only received 5 sets, and she got the last two. I'm really thankful for friends like Mag who go out of their way to help me like that!

The collection consists of a a Jigsaw Puzzle Set and a Notebook Set. Only 2000 units of each set were produced, with each set retailing for S$39.90. You can view the official press release here.

The 500-piece jigsaw puzzle comes in an adorable metal lunch box with an A5-sized sheet of six stamps.

Tokidoki creator Simone Legno created two characters exclusively for this collection. It's the character holding the mail and dressed in a superhero outfit with his dog! The lion with the fish tail is modelled after the Merlion, an icon of Singapore. Some famous streets in Singapore like Orchard Road are also named in the scene.

It's been a long time since I completed a jigsaw puzzle, but I used to love doing these. Well, except for the time that I completed a massive one only to find a piece missing. Quite thoughtfully, the Singpost set includes instructions for how to obtain any missing pieces.

The Notebook Set comes with an A5-sized sheet of six stamps and a notebook with a folder.

The folder is very well-padded and features a massively crowded scene of Tokidoki characters.

Love the cheery bright red interior of the folder!

Many thanks and big hugs again to Mag!


Jenn said...

Super cute set! Love the superhero dog!

celest said...

congrats on having this lovely duo! i was super excited when i saw these on sale at the SingPost booth at STGCC last month, couldn't help myself and grabbed both too :) i really like the idea that Simone Legno has created customised characters for Singapore. yay!

shopaholic said...

Hihi, I got a set each too :) so adorable and proud that they were specially designed for Singapore!

makeupmag said...

You're very welcome! And really, it was NO trouble at all - The PO is super near my place, plus I was getting sets of my own too (I wouldn't have know about them if you hadn't told me!).

These sets are truly special and ohsoadorable! Love that we have our very own characters. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I'm a fellow tokidoki fan. Singpost is back with some tokidoki figurine this year!! Chk out STGCC this year!