Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Upcoming Japanese Magazines Freebies

The March issue of InRed will come with a Paul & Joe multi-case measuring 12.5x20x1.5cm in a gorgeous paisley print from the spring makeup collection. It's been a long time since a Japanese magazine collaborated with Paul & Joe so I'm incredibly excited to see this one. This will be released on 7 February in Japan. Also, there will finally be a new Paul & Joe mook ("magazine book") coming out on 25 February in Japan. Preliminary info is that it will include a nautical print tote bag and pouch.

The March issue of Sweet includes a Kitson gingham print tote bag and pouch. This will be released on 12 February in Japan.


makeupmag said...

That P&J case has your name on it. ;)

Lynn said...

Ooo... do you know roughly when it'll be in Singapore? lol, i need to get both the P & Js!

Haru said...

hi Lynn,
Should be around the same date as Japan. Kino's air shipment days are usually Wednesday and Friday of every week, subject to changes due to public holidays in Japan etc.