Sunday, 16 January 2011

Majolica Majorca & Maquillage Spring 2011

Here are some pics from 2Channel of the pamphlets for the upcoming Majolica Majorca and Maquillage spring makeup collections.

Yuki's Lazy Channel has excellent real-life pics and swatches of the collection.

The new Maquillage model is Takei Emi, who has previously appeared in Shiseido's Tsubaki ads.


Claudia said...

Hey, I have a question but it's not related to this post.
Is the Sephora by OPI nail polishes available at Sephora @ Ion Orchard? I wish to get one when I go there. :)

Haru said...

Nope, that line is not sold in Singapore. There is only the OPI line at Sephora and the Nicole by OPI line which you can find at Watsons drugstores.

Claudia said...

Oh. What's the price at Sephora and Watson?

Anonymous said...


Just wanna say thanks for all the info you always give! It always helpful to know where to find the latest make-up info. Can't wait for Marjolica's release! All the items look so goood! =)

winterberry_gal said...

I am interested in the new MJ blushers, particularly #PK301!
The texture looks semi-matte and deeply pigmented.
But I prefer their previous packaging of transparent slide cover with a gold cap.
Do you have any idea when will their Spring lineup avail in SG?

What is the difference between Jill Stuart's duo colour powder blush and Mix Blush Compact other than their packaging?

Haru said...

OPI is S$23.50 and Nicole by OPI is S$17.10.

hi winterberry_gal,
I don't know when the MM spring collection will arrive here, my guess would be in February as it launches in japan on 21 Jan. You can try asking on the MM Singapore Facebook page. As for Jill Stuart blushes, the Blush Blossoms are loose type and the Mix Blush Compact are pressed. The Mix Blush Compact provide a greater variety of shades as there are 4 shades in each. The Blush Blossoms usually have a shimmer shade that provides a more glowy effect.

wynray said...

wow, I checked out that link and the new powder pact looks gorgeous, and the cheek blushers too! Really love this new collection, do you have any idea when it will be in stores?

Ramona said...

Oh I haven't been excited for a MM collection in a long time. Almost everything appeals to me. :D

Claudia said...

Okay great. Thanks for the info. (:

Lynn Cia said...

Hi Iris,
Just to let you know that the sugary trap collection is now available from Watsons. I just got the blusher (pk303)and brow mascara from Watsons at Lot 1 today.

Thanks for writing, I love your blog!