Wednesday, 19 January 2011

MAC Spring/Summer 2011 Trends

MAC held its Spring/Summer 2011 Trends presentation earlier today.

Specially flown in for the occasion was MAC Pro Team Senior Artist Romero Jennings, who has been with MAC for 17 years. Mary J Blige, Stevie Wonder, Kerri Hilson, Toni Colette, Naomi Campbell and Veronica Webb are some of the celebrities that Jennings has worked with.

According to MAC, the four key trends for Spring/Summer 2011 are Pop-Classic, Raw-Fined, Ice-Dream and Terra-Copper. For the lips, the key shades are coral and nude.

The Raw-Fined look is a juxtaposition of contrasting textures like gloss accents against smooth mattes to create a nude, minimalist look that is elegantly feminine rather than androgynous.

On the model's lips, he used a light pinky beige lipstick topped with an opal lipgloss.

For Terra-Copper, the focus is on precise application of tan shades to create sculpted cheekbones in honey buff tones, lips in caramel lacquer and gently sunlit skin in a believeable, born-with-it way. The chic, modern way to wear bronze is monochromatically, satiny and very specifically placed. Think Lauren Hutton and Jane Birkin, rather than Snooki!

Jennings demonstrated this trick of applying the Superslick Liquid Eye Liner across the eyelid and then blending it out with his finger to create a lovely wet glossy finish. This is usually done just before the models step out onto the runway.

The boldest look is Pop-Classic which takes classic shapes, like a carefully defined lip and gives it a fresh twist through the use of super saturated vivid tones like chemical orange, fluoro hibiscus pink and acerbic magenta. This is counter-balanced with low-key skin.

On the model, Jennings created a bright blue eye accentuated with the blue mascara from the forthcoming Wonder Woman mascara. He also used Pearl Cream Colour Base on the top of the cheekbones and the nose bridge for a lovely glowy effect.

A softer take is the Ice-Dream trend, which is a play on pastel sherbet-like shades with avante-garde application. With the rest of the face kept simple and perfected with shades of taupe and nude, this look is feminine with a futuristic-mod feel.

Hope you've enjoyed this look at MAC's take on the trends for this spring and summer! You can also view the MAC S/S11 presentation in Taiwan on


Georgina said...

i like the pop classic and ice dream trend although i dont think i'd wear it. haha thank u for sharing! :)

galpal.hi said...

Thanks for sharing this with us. I found it quite interesting to see what's going to be the new trends.


Maryda said...

I love Terra Copper!!! Do u know which products he used on her? I like the last one, too. Thx.

Haru said...

hi Maryda,
He read out the list of products that he used but it was too fast for me to catch. Sorry!

kuri said...

I love all the lip colors! They look great; I wouldn't have expected to like the ice dream trend. Pop classic looks really nice; wearable but a bit of an edge.