Sunday 30 January 2011

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils 15 Year Anniversary Collection

Here are some close-up pics of the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils 15 Year Anniversary Collection. There are already several blogs that have posted excellent swatches of the eyeliners so I won't be doing those.

Of the 15 pencils, I already had mini versions of Zero, Stash, Rockstar, Ransom and Electric (either received as gifts with purchase or as part of a palette like the Alice in Wonderland and Book of Shadows NYC). Nevertheless, the Anniversary Collection was too good of a deal to pass up as the quality of the Glide-On Eye Pencils is simply top-notch. As the name suggests, these glide on effortlessly and are very easy to work with. You can also use them as eyeshadow or as a base for eyeshadows. Once they set, they are budgeproof.

The set includes 9 best-selling shades: Baked, Binge, Bourbon, Electric, Mildew, Ransom, Rockstar, Stash and Zero. The six new shades that are exclusive to this set are Asphyxia, Corrupt, Midnight Cowboy, Perversion, Stray Dog and Uzi.

The pencils and sharpener are ensconced in a black velvet-covered plastic tray that lifts right out of the box. While the box is pretty and sturdy, I find it too bulky to keep around on my dresser.

Like the pencils, the double-barrelled Grind House pencil sharpener is also stamped with the special "UD15" logo.

This is highly praised Perversion, which is a more intense matte black than Zero.

For storing the pencils for daily use, I tried the Banner Barrett pen case from the March issue of More magazine. The 15 eye pencils fit inside quite easily but with the sharpener, it's a bit of a tight squeeze. This issue of More magazine has sold extremely well, probably thanks to the inclusion of the three pretty pouches. It arrived on Friday and there were two huge stacks of it when I purchased my copy. By Saturday afternoon, there were only two copies left.

I found this Liberty case (from the December issue of Lee magazine) to be a much better fit as it is slightly longer and has a square cross-section.

Even filled with 15 pencils and the sharpener, the case feels extremely lightweight and still has space for a few more pencils. This will come in very handy for overseas trips as the case takes up hardly any space.


makeupmag said...

What a good idea to store them in those pretty zippered pouches. :)

Audrey said...

yes, excellent idea to store your urban decay pencil and it fits snugly too. :)

this sparks an idea. what's the makeup pouch you are using Haru? i have been in search for that perfect makeup pouch and i really wanted (wish only, to be exact) to indulge in a LV makeup pouch to hold my pride but i got a electric shock, it costs nearly $400 buck, urghh. and i wonder if there is any something similiar to LV type of sturdy, stand on the table type of pouch ? (not referring to fake imitation but other alternative..) anyway, thanks!

Haru said...

Hi Audrey,
I am using a case by Anna Sui which you can see by clicking on the Anna Sui tag in the right hand column. But that is no longer available. Muji sells excellent storage cases but they are simple in design.

Ashlyn said...

Hi haru, do u know of anyone who might happen to have an extra box of anniversary set to sell? I should have bought if not for being put off by sephora sales person that day. And now it's oos. Thanks!

Haru said...

hi Ashlyn,
I'm afraid I don't know of anyone looking to sell it. Perhaps you can try asking on Cozycot?