Friday, 19 November 2010

Anna Sui Holiday Collection Photos

On Thursday evening, I met up with the lovely folks of Anna Sui for a casual night out at the Ying Yang rooftop bar of the Club Hotel. The topic of discussion was naturally the newly launched holiday makeup collection. For those of you interested in the Facial Soap & Dish Set, the good news is that it will be available in Singapore after all! It will probably arrive in December and be priced around S$32.

The collection is so prettily designed that I thought I'd post some close-up photos first. (The two Anna Sui handkerchieves in the pic below are my own recent purchases from Kyoto.)

As mentioned before, the Makeup Collection 2010 (S$84) includes a gel eye colour, lipgloss, blush and zip pouch. The blush (3.8g, 0.13oz) is a feminine doll pink with silver micro shimmer.

The lavender puff feels quite soft but I'll probably use my usual blush brush for greater ease of application.

Love the intricately designed pot!

The Gel Eye Color (9ml, 0.35oz) is a sweet shimmery lavender that's very Anna Sui.

The Lip Gloss 01 looks like a bright pink in the tube with blue micro shimmer but it probably applies mostly clear with just a hint of pink. It has a plastic applicator that can wiped clean easily if you get another lip colour on it inadvertently.

The makeup pouch is one of the prettiest that I've seen from Anna Sui, but then again, I always have a soft spot for star motifs.

Even the zip has a sizable star charm. The inside lining is purple, which provides a nice contrast to the exterior.

I also received two Nail Color N in #321 Holiday Pink and #67 Carnival Orange (S$24 each). Carnival Orange is a clear coral orange with small and chunky glitter bits while Holiday Pink is a shimmery bright pink with tiny glitter bits.

The gold metal and clear crystal-studded Mirror Charm (S$47) is about 10cm in width and would make a lovely bag accessory. The cover is easy to flip open and snap back with its magnetic closure.

The charm is made in China.

The floral design on the Beauty Box (S$35) is not merely printed on, but instead it is embossed on (i.e. slightly raised from the white surface). The box, which is made in Japan, is a sturdy, lightweight plastic that isn't flimsy at all.

Notice the heart-shaped handle on the lid? It's the small whimsical design features that make Anna Sui's makeup accessories extra special.

I haven't decided what I'll use the Beauty Box for but for now, it's housing a Fizzy Moon bear from my husband. The blue Swarovski butterfly brooch is my birthday present from him this year :-)

I had immense fun as usual catching up with Mag of Makeup Stash and Chantana of Everbluec.

Kas (Shine, Shimmer & Sparkle), Sophia (Make-up Blogette and Sesame (Vivawoman) were also present.

After dinner, Kas, Mag and I decamped to Starbucks for cakes and coffees.

And Kas passed me the invitation to Metro Ladies' Night which is taking place this evening at 6pm :-)


Shhh said...

That collection is so pretty. I love Anna Sui.

Furry Guy! said...

Fizzy is popping up like a prezzie!!! Sooo cuteee!!!

fannz said...

they are so beautiful. I noticed that you did not show the JS x'mas set this year. Have you got it already? I have got mine but have not yet opened them. Just hide them in my closet.

winterberry_gal said...

The box is so beautiful!

Where can we get it in Sg?

You can use it to store facial cotton wool or cotton pads!

Haru said...

You can find it now at the Anna Sui counters in Isetan, Takashimaya and Tangs.

Haru said...

Hi fannz,
I did get the JS set, will post about it soon. You should open your set up and use it!

fannz said...

Hello Haru,

Yes I will open it and use it after I finished my blossom blusher that I bought but have not yet used. I never plan to buy the JS x'mas set even I like their products very much and My friend asked me to help her to collect her x'mas set. Since they still have stock, so I just bought it in case I regret again. I love their eyeshadow pallets so much and have used up a few of them already.

Anonymous said...

I soft spots for stars as well!! The pouch and charm look great!! Envy :)

miwitch said...

The moon and star pouch is so cute!! Reminds me of sailormoon~ XD Really pretty collection!