Sunday, 21 November 2010

Kleenex Oil Blotter

As someone with oily skin, I am never without a pack of oil blotting sheets in close reach. I can go through a whole day without touching up my foundation or powder but I can't go more than a few hours with using an oil blotter. For years, I have been a loyal user of Gatsby Oil Clear Sheets, as explained in my earlier post, as they are effective, cheap and a generous size compared to, say, Clean & Clear. Film blotters are also much more absorbent than paper-based versions. However, I think I may have finally found a worthy contender to Gatsby!

I got this sample pack of Kleenex Oil Blotter in a local women's magazine recently and started using it last week. It retails at S$3.65 for 50 sheets (whereas Gatsby is usually S$3.90 for 70 sheets). The innovative feature of the Kleenex Oil Blotter is that one side of it is a cottony floral design that does not turn transparent after soaking up the oil.

The plain side is the oil blotting side. Kleenex claims that its version absorbs twice the amount of oil as other film blotters but I don't actually find it to be that much more oil absorbent than the Gatsby version. Like the Gatsby version, one sheet of the Kleenex Oil Blotter is usually sufficient for me.

After absorbing the oil, the plain side turns a darker shade of purple.

The floral print side only shows a subtle difference. This is definitely much more discreet and elegant than using a conventional film blotter that turns transparent and looks greasy with the oil splotches visible for everyone to see! My younger cousins actually used to watch in morbid fascination when I used the Gatsby blotters.

The Kleenex blotter is just a tiny bit smaller than the Gatsby. The floral print side also feels very soft as it is covered with cotton fibres, which naturally reminds one of Kleenex's super-soft plush tissues. Another advantage is that your fingers don't feel oily after using it.

I'm definitely purchasing this after I've used up the sample pack!


Sara Kye said...

Yay thanks for doing a mention about this! I feel like picking it up even though I just got my Gatsby. No harm in having more to throw in various bags!

MudpieVivi said...

Ooh my hubby has super oily skin too! On a bad day he needs like 3-4 pieces to completely get rid of the oil on his face EACH time he wipes! We were tickled pick by the Silky Girl ad for their bigger oil blotters; we have always joked it'd be cheaper to buy those rice papers from baking supplies stores for him Haha! I will be sure to get him a pack of this Kleenex to try! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru, where can I get this blotter? Does Watsons/Guardian sell them? Thank you! :)

Haru said...

hi Rach,
You should be able to find the Kleenex blotters at both Watsons and Guardian.

amy said...

i usually soak up the whole sheet of gatsby flim blotter with all my facail ollies, its good that the kleenex one doesnt turn entirely transparent, i'm going to get it to try, doesnt hurt that the floral motiffs are cute! ;p

Anonymous said...

Hi! I would just like to ask whether you know any products that can help to reduce shine? I am trying to treat my oily face! :(

Haru said...

You can try mattifying products (like lotion or moisturiser) from brands like Origins to help control the oil production. But try to avoid products with too much alcohol content as they can overly drying and cause your skin to produce more oil to compensate. I rely mainly on blotting and loose face powder though, rather than a mattifying primer or lotion. Skin79's VIP Gold BB Cream also controls oil really well for me.

Isla said...

I REALLY wish they had these in the US! They look so cute, and it would be great not having the oil soak thru so everyone can see how oily I am! :-p