Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Anna Sui Rockin' Wonderland

The Anna Sui Rockin' Wonderland holiday makeup collection is already available at the counters in Singapore. Below is a list of the prices for Singapore.

Eye Color Crayon (S$35) in 7 shades: 001 Crystal White, 002 Fantasy Black, 100 Romantic Blue, 200 Fantasy Purple, 700 Rock’n Beige, 800 Crush Gold and 900 Star Green. These pearlish eye crayons are formulated with "Stay Fit Oil" for long-lasting power and "Smoothing Powder" for smooth, non-sticky finish.

Makeup Collection 2010 (S$84): 2 sets that each include a Gel Eye Colour, Lip Gloss, Cheek Colour and pouch.

Nail Color N (S$24): In 5 shades - 012 Carnival Clear, 109 Navy Blue, 321 Holiday Pink, 505 Sparkle Gold, 607 Carnival Orange

Mirror Charm (S$47).

Beauty Box (S$35)

Necklace Rouge (S$75): Swarovski studded lipgloss compact on a necklace. Available in #1 Fancy Pink and #2 Playful Orange.

The popular handmirror palette is also back in two new colours: the Lip Color Collection IV (S$65) and the Eye Color Collection IV (S$65).

As the Facial Soap & Dish Set will not be available in Singapore, I decided to purchase it at the Narita Airport dutyfree. The normal retail price in Japan is 3150yen but I paid only 2300yen (S$37) for the set. I have a soft spot for Anna Sui makeup accessories which are always very well-designed. There are plenty of cheaper knock-offs but nothing beats the original in terms of quality and elegance.

The three soaps each weigh 80g. The purple soap is violet-scented, the red is rouge and the pink one has a rose scent. I found the aromas to be quite lovely without being too headily overwhelming.

The entire set is made in Japan by Albion.

The soap dish is thoughtfully designed with a separate inner tray that allows water to drain off so that the soap can dry off easily instead of sitting in a puddle.

Love the gentle curves and pearl finish!

As there was a gift with purchase of 10,000yen, I decided to get a few more items.

These are the Eye Color Crayons in 002 Fantasy Black (greyish black with silver glitter) and 100 Romantic Blue (moody lavender blue). Each retailed for 1700yen (S$27), about 25% cheaper than the usual price of 2310yen. The crayons apply quite smoothly with medium colour payoff.

Below is the GWP case.

I also picked up the Eye Liner Brush (1100yen), Hair Treatment Oil (1900yen) and Super-Black Full Mascara (2400yen).

My picks for the Rockin' Wonderland collection are the makeup sets, the nail polishes (love the purple and the pink) and the eye crayons. The Necklace Rouge felt a bit tinny for the price and the amount of product in it is miniscule.


treble said...

the gift in japan is real nice! i love anna sui pdts

Kas said...

The greyish black crayon looks great! And I like the GWP case... and you're right, while there are loads of Anna Sui-esque knockoff products like mirrors and brushes, nothing really beats the real thing :)

jenn said...

How do you find the facial soap?
I think I'll buy the set when I go Japan in Dec...

Haru said...

Hi Jenn,
I haven't used the soap yet, will review it after I've done so.