Sunday, 28 November 2010

New York & Japan Haul

A few readers asked about what I had purchased during my recent trip so here are the pics!

Several of these are actually purchases for friends, like the Tokidoki Robbery palette, the Wet'n'Wild and Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip palettes on the left side of the pic. I've already reviewed some of these, like the Magie Deco, Anna Sui and Addiction items, so I won't elaborate on them in this post.

Sephora happened to be having its 20% VIB discount during my trip so I took the chance to haul Philosophy shower gels. This prettily packaged Peppermint Bark Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath was an absolute steal at just US$5 with any Philosophy purchase at Sephora.

Philosophy Glow & Behold Celestial Citrus Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath.

The Melting Marshmallow set with a Body Lotion, lipgloss and Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath.

Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment

At Saks 5th Avenue, I picked up the Giorgio Armani travel brush set. Priced at US$100, it is supposed to have a retail value of US$200.

It includes an eye contour brush, a concealer brush, an eye shader brush, a blender brush and a blush brush.

Another new brush is Stila's #33 One Step Complexion Brush. According to the description on Sephora, one side beautifully blends liquid, creams, and powder foundation into your skin, while the other delivers precision concealing for a perfected, polished complexion. The synthetic bristles are shaped to imitate application with your fingertips, but are firmer and more flexible for quicker, easier makeup application. The tapered brush tip can burrow into tiny, hard-to-reach crevices and the synthetic bristles eliminate the transfer of oils and bacteria. It can also be used to apply eyeshadow and cheek color.

At the drugstore, I bought a clutch of L'Oreal HIP eyeshadows. Some are permanent shades while the others are from the new Midnight Muse collection. I tried to pick the duos with more complex colours.

Wet'n'Wild ColorIcon Lust palette.

Sally Hansen HD Nail Color in DVD and Wet'n'Wild ColorIcon Nail Color in Prowler.

In Japan, I picked up this newly released Shiseido #131 Foundation Brush, which can be used with powder, liquid, cream and stick foundations. The normal retail price is 1890yen but I got it at 30% off at a drugstore.

Visee Glam Nude Eyes N-6 Rose Pink Fur

Canmake Cheek Gradation #6

Shiseido's new Tsubaki Water is a leave-in hair treatment spray with Tsubaki's trademark camellia oil to help nourish hair.

Paul & Joe Sister, Liberty and Anna Sui handkerchieves.

And finally, some snacks for the hubby! :-)


faye lu said...

great haul. interesting shisedo brush.. looks really cool! would love you do a post on your favourite brushes.

Haru said...

hi Faye,
I did such a post some time ago. You can read it here:

Anonymous said...

so nice that you can travel so often and do great shopping :) what do you work as?

cultmakeupartist said...

Great haul!
Cld you pls do a review of the L'oreal HIP shadows! Wld be awesome if you cld. Thanks!

Haru said...

Sure, I plan to try out the HIP duos next week :)

Lynn said...

I love your haul! Sally hansen's HD collection is wonderful, and we need to have it here for a more affordable price. Physician Formula shimmer strips are great drugstore stuff (we also need them here) Love the intense shades you picked up from L'oreal Hip!

Anonymous said...

:D that's an amazing haul! nice!

Hannah said...

Can you do a review of the Shiseido brush? I'm curious to know how to use it. From the shape, I suppose you swirl to blend the foundation? But how big is the brush head? Is it synthetic hair?


Haru said...

hi Hannah,
The bristles are synthethic, very similar to the Body Shop's brushes and they feel very soft. There are no instructions on the package, but my guess it that you dab it in the foundation and apply, then swirl to blend it out. The diameter is about 20cm.

Kas said...

oh wow! Looking at everything at one go looks awesome! I love how the canmake blush looks!!! Sooooo pretty (is it available here? I'd like one) and I love how the Sally Hansen HD polish looks - seen some on Scrangie I think. And I'm totally keeping an eye out for the Stila #33 brush!

Haru said...

hey Kasg,
the Sally Hansen n/p looks awesome in the bottle! But it cost more than 3 times what the WnW one cost. The Canmake blush is available in Singapore but about twice the price, which is why I bought it in Japan instead where it is 840yen, about S$13. It costs over S$20 here.

Joopah said...

Great haul! Thanks for posting. The Shiseido brush looks really interesting - the slant will make a difference, I think. It'll be cool to get your opinion comparing the Armani blender brush and the Shiseido one later. Cheers!

Blovet Beauty said...

great haul. love the argan lip conditioner and the wet and wild palettes! gorgeous!

Hannah said...

Thanks! I'll definitely check out the Shiseido brush when I'm in Tokyo.

Btw, I suppose you mean the diameter is about 2cm? ;)

Haru said...

Oops, sorry for the typo! Yup, I meant 2cm, or 20mm. Silly me :-)

Hing said...

Such a great haul ;)))

That Visee Glam nude Rose Pink For looks so cute!
Hope u'l do a review on it soon!!! (pleaseeee~!!!)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your blog. CAn you please do a review on the Tsubaki Water when you get a chance? I have not seen any other reviews on the net about it (at least in English, I can't read Japanese). Thanks!

eliza said...

wow, the philosophy shower gel sets look especially good for some reason, maybe it's the variety of different "flavours" all put together!

gingerSnap said...

Wow, complete package! I like every piece that you bought. Pretty shade plus some stuff from Paul&Joe sister. The brushes as well. Take a look at my blog too when you like. I'm new in blogging. I hope you like it too.
Btw, I'm Ginger. I'm looking forward for your review:). Thanks
Kisses from Germany.

leechie said...

Haru, leechie lurves ur Visee post some pics of u wearing this palette ya...thx! =)

PS: havent posted comments here for quite a while cos i'm quite busy for the past few months...but i still read ur blog on a daily basis...btw, my leechie mum was making noise abt my recent cosmetics shopping again =.="

Ling said...

Hey Haru
Thanks for showing your makeup stash, hehe luckily you got food for your hubby to stop him from nag nag nag hehe. i did the same too and sometimes i simply shot him "wei, i use my own money to buy ok" to a stop and it works :P more like a family joke.

Nice shiseido and Giogio armani brush, i didn't try them out and hope it works well for you.
Haru, can i ask for a recommendation on brush?
Besides MAC makeup brush, which other counter brand do you think offer quality foundation brush?

in my mind, there bobbi brown, shu umera and your recommended GA brush here..but not so sure how they fare

shopaholic shopper said...

Hi iris,

May I know the name of the L’oreal HIP e/s that you bought? The one in dusty pink/ grayish blue in ur picture (bottom one).
Btw, I bought the Visee in Fur Pink too! Love it!
Good day to you!

Haru said...

That dusky pink HIP duo is Moon Goddess, which is from the new Midnight Muse collection.

hi Ling,

You can try Bourjois' small buffing brush which is quite cheap and soft. This works well for both powder and cream/mousse foundations.

The Body Shop's kabuki brushes are also quite good for use with powder foundation. There is also Eco-Tools brushes at Watsons.

Shu Uemura is also famous for their brushes but I find them too expensive.

Ling said...

Dear Haru
thanks so much, i will go check out your recommendation since there is Bourjois and The body shop in Plaza singapura. thought of venturing out to using tool blush since i have been using fingers to apply all my time :P

thinking back, i actually have used Bare essential mineral face brush before, strange it's rather soft on face and won't be irritating but scored very lowly in makeupalley. the ecotools face brush looks great since it's available in watsons. thanks and good day ahead

dblchin (double chin) said...

OMG!!! The brushes! Y didn't i get them the last time?

pinky with lashes said...

omg so many items!~ O.O gorgeous!

do u really use up all ur makeup??...i wear makeup everyday for 365 days and way thicker den yours yet i cant finish anything; not even a chanel palette from 3 years ago...

Haru said...

As mentioned in the post, several of the items are for friends. It's impossible for me to use up all my makeup but I do use up some items now and then. Even so, I don't think there's anything wrong with not using up makeup, as I do actually use my makeup almost every day plus I review many products for the blog.

Lynn Cia said...

Will you be doing a look using the wet n wild palette? Thanks.

Haru said...

hi Lynn,
I've used the WnW palette a couple of times but just didn't get around to posting the look. Will do so this weekend if I have time! :-) Thanks for reminding me.