Saturday, 20 November 2010

Anna Sui Make Up Collection 2010 #1

I've been using the Anna Sui Make Up Collection 2010 #1 over the past couple of days so I thought I'd do a more detailed review of it. At S$84, the set is pricey as it works out to an average of S$21 per item but I think all the items/shades are very easy to use for most ladies.

The fine nozzle tip of the Gel Eye Color allows for precise control over the amount of product to squeeze out. You need only a tiny pea size for both eyelids if you are applying only a sheer layer as the base.

The Gel Eye Color applies sheer at first as mostly a sprinkling of lovely pink sparkles without much of a lavender tint. It dries quite quickly to a powder finish that does not feel gritty. Layering powder eyeshadows over it proved to be quite easy and the lasting power was also good.

You can layer it to get the lavender shade to show up better. The finish is ultra shimmery when layered.

The Lip Gloss has just the barest hint of pink when applied. The micro shimmer particles in it reflect purple-blue. It has a fairly strong tea rose scent but I like rose scents so it does not bother me. The gloss feels very emollient but doesn't slip and slide around or pool at the corners.

The blush is a rather standard rose pink. The colour payoff is on the sheer side, whether it is applied with the included puff or with a brush, so you don't need to worry about over-applying it and ending up with clown cheeks. But it does take a bit of layering to get it to show up.

Here's the look that I did yesterday with the set.

On my eyes, I applied the Anna Sui Eye Colors in #202 and #203 over the Gel Eye Color. I was out from 8am to midnight yesterday and the eyeshadows actually stayed intact right to the end of the night, so I was very impressed! The Gel Eye Color's lasting power is definitely much better than the Eye Color Crayons in the holiday collection as the crayons tended to crease on me.

Here's the ingredients list for the Cheek Color.

For the Lip Gloss.

And for the Gel Eye Color.

You can see more swatches of the set, as well as other products in the holiday collection on and the Make-up Blogette.


Anonymous said...

I like this EOTD...looks very fresh!
Yeah, a bit expensive but it's limited holiday collection so it's forgiven lol
Haru, do you swatch the #002 collection?
How do you think about the orange collection?

Haru said...

I didn't swatch the #002 collection but you can see swatches on the Make-up Blogette:

I'm not into brown eyeshadows or orange-toned blushes so #002 is definitely not for me, although I can imagine it appealing to many ladies. The shades in both #001 and #002 are all not crazily pigmented such that they are difficult to pull off. Instead, the products apply sheer and you have to layer them if you want a greater intensity. I think both sets are easy to wear for most ladies and it really depends on which combination of colours you prefer. For me, I'm happy that I received #001 instead of #002 to review.

Anonymous said...

this light purple is really refreshing! not overly shimmery at all. I think the colour suits you very much.

And thank you for the link on the 002 collection.