Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Lunasol Ocean Scene Purification

Here are the full details on Lunasol's Spring 2011 makeup collection, Ocean Scene Purification (水景浄化/"suikei jouka"). The release date is 14 January in Japan.

1. Ocean Scene Eyes: 5 eyeshadow quads featuring highly translucent shades formulated with "ocean nuance pearl". (5250yen)

2. Shining Ocean Eyes: 5 limited edition water-based eyeshadows inspired by the sun rays reflecting off the ocean(2625yen)

3. Full Glamour Liquid Lips: 10 liquid lipsticks (2940yen)

4. Contrasting W Lip Liner: 3 shades (2100yen)

5. Cream Cheeks: 3 limited edition shades (2625yen)

6. Illuminating Highlight: 2 variations (2625yen)

7. Shading Cheeks: shading powder with 3 shades (2625yen)

8. Compact Case (Face) S: for use with the cheek/highlighting/shading shades (1050yen)

9. Compact Case (Select) N: can fit up to four cheek/highlight/shading shades (2100yen)

If you are a Lunasol user, do let me know your thoughts on the collection! Lunasol's official product images tend to always make the shades look duller and the shades are usually much prettier in real life.


Yen's closet said...

The colours look pretty but a bit duplicate colours from the recent release? But i do agreed their real thing usually look much nicer and i always cannot resist and end up buying... :p

The Misery Chick said...

I am all over the purple quad!!! And the one to the right (the taupe looking one). Pretty pretty!

Btw, Iris, is it cheaper to get Lunasol in Taiwan or Hong Kong? I have friends going to both countries, so I am undecided over WHO shall get Lunasol stuff for me, hehe. :) my lemming list keeps expanding.....

Haru said...

I'm afraid I don't know the prices of Lunasol in Taiwan versus Hong Kong.

hi Qiuyan,
I agree, the shade combinations do look quite similar to Lunasol's previous collections. But when I see the palettes in person, I usually end up getting at least one!

shopaholic shopper said...

Hi Iris,

Thanks for the update and I am a Lunasol Fan, though colors look very close to the current e/s. Most likely, I will get 2 sets of the e/s and the lipgloss! The lipgloss look so delicious!

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris, the new E/S looks sooo good! Lunasol started to bore me with their shades but I can't wait to get my hands on these!

I love how you always have information on updates!

Sunny said...

the price of Lunasol eyeshadow is around NT1600, not sure about the price in Taiwan. sometimes, you can get 10% discount from some department store. Try the service counter, I think maybe it is tax free.

Vichaya said...

I think they tend to have similar color combinations season after season. And many can be easily dupe if you just mix palettes together. Still, I just can't help but haul their e/s every collection. I just love the sweetness of their color.
Oh... And you may think I'm weird but they are so pretty to look at.

Btw, thank you so much for taking time to blog even you are on the go. :)