Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Dior Sale Haul

Dior held a sale at its office in Great World City earlier today. I learnt about the sale at the last minute from Kas (of Shine, Shimmer & Sparkle) and decided to meet her there during my lunch break. The sale was supposed to start from 1pm but when I arrived there at 12.45pm, there was already a queue of more than 30 people with bagfuls of stuff at the cashier. And man, those ladies worked fast! Most of the skincare was already sold out. From the signs posted, it seemed like there was some whitening skincare available.

Nevertheless, there were still plenty of awesome deals to be had. There were about 6 eyeshadow quints going for just S$35 each, down from the usual price of S$89. These included Night Butterfly, Pearl Glow, Incognito, Twilight, Sky Glow, Purple Crystal. There were only two perfumes: J'Adore and Miss Dior Cherie EDT (both going at S$70 for 100ml, which is about 70% cheaper than the usual retail price). Lipsticks and lipglosses were S$15 each while nailpolishes were S$12. There was also an eye makeup remover for S$18.

Here's what I came back with! I couldn't believe that the quints were so incredibly cheap and some of them were released just last year, such as Night Butterfly which is from Fall 2009 while Pearl Glow (with the lace motif) is from the Holiday 2009 collection.

I picked up #009 Sky Glow (above) and #140 Twilight (below). These are two palettes that I wouldn't have purchased at full price because I already have a sizable stash of Dior quints and so I try to purchase only palettes that are quite different from what I already own. But at just S$35, they were just impossible to resist!

When I was there, there were only two Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflects available, the ultra-vibrant #677 Silk Fuschia (below) and a shimmery pearl baby pink shade.

There were also only two nailpolish shades, both of which were red. I picked the slightly brighter shade, #752 Jamaican Pepper.

There were about a dozen Rouge Dior lipsticks available in a diverse range of pink, beige and red tones. Testers are available so you can swatch before deciding whether to purchase. However, the lipstick and lipgloss tables are usually the most crowded and difficult to get to the front of.

Below are #752 Red Premiere (left) and #863 Celebrity Red. I didn't own any Dior lipsticks before this, as they are quite expensive normally at around S$40.

If you didn't manage to make it to the sale today, not to fret because the sale is still on tomorrow (Thursday) from 10am to 7pm. Tomorrow is the final day. I believe this sale takes place only once a year. The address is #14-09/10 at the West Tower (office block) of Great World City. The office tower is near the Laura Ashley and Marks & Spencer stores. There are signs for the Dior sale posted in the lobby of the office tower. Some of the staff mentioned that they will be restocking tomorrow but there's no information on the products that will be available tomorrow. It's always best to go early (if you don't mind the inevitable crowds) because the best bargains get snapped up in a flash as many ladies buy not just for themselves, but also for family and friends. Payment is by cash and credit card only.

Here's my updated collection of Dior quints!

It helps to go with a friend, because one of you can join the queue for the cashier while the other shops around. There was only 1 cashier so the queue moved incredibly slowly. I had already picked out my items and joined the queue when Kas arrived. Subsequently, I had to go off so Kas took my spot in the queue and helped pay for my items first.

She is such a dear sweet friend, who knows that I often eat absolute junk for meals (like bubble tea, Twisties, Ben & Jerry's or chips), and she surprised me by including some fun size Snickers in the shopping bag when I met up with her after work to collect my haul. Thanks, Kas!


maomiko said...

Hi Haru, the Dior sales is it by invitation only?

Haru said...

Nope, it's open to the public! :)

Anonymous said...

Haru,were the stock level for the quint palettes good?

Haru said...

When I was there at 1pm, there was plenty of stock for the quints. For example, there were more than a dozen pieces of Pearl Glow. But I don't know what is the stock level after today's sale, so it's still best to go early to try your luck if you are interested in the quints.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Haru,were there any cheek colours? been dying to go to Dior sale but they seldom publicise like shiseido or kose or even prestige would

Haru said...

I didn't see any cheek colours when I was there. There was a Dior Capture Totale liquid foundation but with very limited shades.

Yup, seems like the sale is not well-publicised at all and most people only got to know about it through friends. Perhaps Dior does not want to hurt their prestigious brand image by having too many people know about the sale.

Anonymous said...

I love twilight and night butterfly! but a pity i cant apply leave tomorrow to go down and grab. Enjoy your palattes. Would love to see EOTD with the twilight palatte.:-)

Anonymous said...

Ya.I'm going to popby early tomorrow & see if i can pick up any leftovers,hope still have quints for me left =(

shopaholic said...

fabulous haul there.... i was too busy at work to get there!

makeupmag said...

Thanks so much for your call! :D

That's a refined haul; some very pretty items there.

And Kas is a sweetheart! I met her to collect my loot and she gave my boy jelly and Snickers! :D

Makeup fan said...


Thought you might want to know that Summerloft at Holland V sells a huge range of LUSH products. Stumbled upon this blog today and thought of you:


. : * justine * : . said...

So jealous about Purple Crystal! That's the only quint on that list I don't have - and I'd love a backup of Pearl Glow also. Maybe they'll hit Ebay :)

I'd love to see what you'd wear with the Twilight quint - I bought it last year but still haven't touched it XD;

Anonymous said...

Hi would like to know did you manage to see any skincare on sale?

Haru said...

Mentioned in the blogpost that almost all the skincare was already sold out by the time I was there.

Kas said...

Aww you and mag so sweet about me being sweet! LOL! Now, there's a slight tinge of regret not picking up Twilight quint! Shall convince myself I already have similar shades! :P

Ling said...

Hi Haru
am delighted my favorite blogger Haru make a great splash on dior eye palette. it's such a steal, baby. unfortunately, i can't head down and even after reading your post i doubt there is anything left. i really really adore your #009 Sky Glow, what other eye palette do you think is a great alternative this #009 Sky Glow?

In fact, i managed to head down to the Shisedo sales and bought some skincare for my mum, hehe


Jewel said...

nice haul (: do you mind telling me the name of the quint right in the middle. it's like a mixture of pink and greys. thanks (:

Haru said...

If you mean the quint in the centre of the middle row, that is Coquette. You can check this post for a pic with most of my Dior quints labelled.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru, which palette is nicer in your opinion - purple crystal or smokey crystal?

Haru said...

Hmm, it's very hard to say. Purple Crystal looks more interesting as it has a wider variety of shades but the problem with it is that the four lighter shades tend to blend into one another when applied without enough of a contrast. But the dark purple shade in that quint is gorgeous. Smoky Crystal is more well-pigmented but if you don't like greys and silvers, then there's not much point getting it.

Haru said...

hi Ling,
Sky Glow is quite hard to dupe in terms of both the texture and the combination of shades, but perhaps you can consider Majolica Majorca's Jewelling Eyes GR791 although that palette has a bright shade of blue.

Or Lunasol Nature Color Eyes 01 Nature Blue.

Ling said...

Dear Haru
Thanks so much for your recommendation and so thoughtful of you to provide link. That's great i actually have MM GR 791, like u, i also fell in love at first sight, a special color palette different from other MM palette. i will get MM GR 791 going first and see how well it looks on my eye, and if the theme suits me, i can splurge on a pricey palette with more vibrant shade and tone variation. Thanks again, love.