Thursday, 4 November 2010

Lunasol Spring 2011

For a sneak peek at Lunasol's Spring 2011 makeup collection, check out this Japanese blog and this Twitter pic uploaded by a Maquia editor. The theme for the collection translates roughly as "Ocean Scene Purification". As usual, there are 5 new Ocean Scene Eyes palettes but the shade combinations seem to look similar to previous collections. Nevertheless, what I like about Lunasol's spring/fall collections is that one is always spoilt for choice and it's always very difficult trying to decide which new palette to buy!

The release date is 14 January for Japan. The collection also includes water-based eyeshadows ("Shining Ocean Eyes") and cream blushes in tube packaging.


Jess said...

For being a big Lunasol fan, this collection seems to not let me pass! ;)

Can't wait for it! Thanks for sharing the links!

Sunflowers said...

thanks for always updating the latest news! i'm so excited for the collection!

Anonymous said...

Looking good. I'm tempted by the collection.