Monday, 22 November 2010

Majolica Majorca Christmas Tree

Remember the Majolica Majorca Christmas Tree in front of Parco in Shibuya that I posted about earlier? A reader, Emilie, was kind enough to send me these pics of it!

Spot the little piggy!

The Majoromantica pefume display inside the tree.

Thank you, Emilie!


laeticia521 said...

i went to look for the tree too! it would have looked nicer in the evening though but i was only there in the morning

what i liked was that there were red apple seats all over for people to sit on

Haru said...

Ah ok, I was wondering what was the small red thing in the last pic! Thanks :-)

Cindy said...

This tree is just mind blowing gorgeous!! <3 So kind of a reader to send in pictures (thank you!). ^_^

laeticia521 said...

checked my pictures, its an apple, a stack of books and a toadstool

printed on the book cover (iirc) is 'stack on books for sitting', quite cute actually