Saturday, 27 November 2010

Lunasol Holiday Coffret 2010

Just read on Cozycot that the Lunasol holiday coffret has arrived at Takashimaya. It should be priced at S$118, which is just a bit more than the retail price in Japan (6825yen, which is about S$107). I'm skipping this coffret as the shades don't appeal to me, although I think most ladies will find the shades very easy to wear.

My buddy Kathi has just reviewed the coffret on her blog, Lotus Palace. Do check it out!


Jenni said...

i looked at the shades in person and they didnt appeal to me too :) this is an easy pass !

Kathi said...

I really love the Lunasol coffret, all in all it´s the best kit of the previous years! =D