Saturday, 20 November 2010

New York Trip Photos Part 2

In New York City, Times Square is usually one of my first stops. Not only does it have two Sephoras, a Walgreens and a Duane Reade, it's also a great place to get the vibe of the city and be bedazzled by all the giant video screens.

There is usually a large wall covered with Target's ads in Times Square but there isn't actually any Target store in Times Square. The nearest Target store is quite some distance away by train so I didn't bother visiting it.

The Sephora store in Times Square was already all decked out in holiday decor.

The Sephora store on 5th Avenue.

The Lush store in Union Square with the bath bombs presented like cookie treats!

A toy store near 5th Avenue.

See the giant machine churning bear stuffing? :-)

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