Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Kosé Family Sale!

Here's yet another sale to tempt your wallets! I have no idea about the specific products or price range as I've not attended a Kosé sale before but it's best to brave the early crowd to snag the best bargains because many ladies like to buy in bulk at these sales, especially with Christmas coming up. That's certainly what happened at the Shiseido and Dior sales today!


Lynn said...

Haru... It's very hard to resist sales when you keep posting them up on your blog :( Haha, i'm saving up to get Christmas gifts for friends and family, so i need to resist all these sales! Btw, I've picked up both the P&J blusher sets @ALT! Still thinking if the eyeshadow set is worth it.

Jolyn said...

Waaaa! I only went to the Shiseido sales today and it was really crazy! Picked up the White Lucent range to try, hopefully it's good! Didn't do any homework prior to this actually, just see people buying and I followed suit :X

BTW, nobody said anything about Dior sales! :(

Haru said...

hi tendres,
I also just learnt about the Dior sale at the last minute. It is still on tomorrow and the staff said that they will be restocking so perhaps you can try to go tomorrow? They had very good bargains at the Dior sale.

Hi Lynn,
Sorry for all the temptations! The P&J eyeshadow set is worth it only if you really like the eyeshadow shades and will use them. The quality is pretty good but some people may not like the sheet packaging.

Jolyn said...

Hi Haru

I'm 'tendres' aka Jolyn aka iariaee (or Iariae on Twitter) :P Blogger hates me, I'm always half signed in and out!

Oh my god, if I told my gf about the Dior sale (Miss Dior Cherie at S$70), she will cry her eyes out. We just bought the very same 100ml at Sephora today for S$160. :(

Did superbly major damage this November, with the Watsons 25% sale, Metro Ladies Night, and now the Shiseido event. Waaaaaaaaa. You're tempting me with the Kose F&F :P

If you have the time, check out my blog at (may edit this out I dont mind :D) it's lonely talking to myself hahahaha.


Haru said...

hi J,
I totally understand what you mean 'cos I bought several of the quints at full price, like Night Butterfly, Purple Crystal and Pearl Glow. But I have gotten lots of use out of them in the past year, so I don't regret buying them because you never know what will turn up at a sale or be impossible to find after it has sold out. My friend also just purchased the Miss Dior Cherie eau de parfum at the Metro 20% sale but she decided to get the EDT that was at the sale today as she likes both very much. Plus the sale price is just too good to pass up.

I will check out your blog now :-)

Jolyn said...

Hey :D

It's really nice of you to just go and 'see see' I loved your posts and the NARS category was exceptionally helpful :D

The Dior palettes are really a steal. Can you believe i only have 1 eyeshadow quad? It's from Canmake, the Four Shiny Eyes range which I bought last week before the 25%. I wear specs 24/7 so to me, I rather spend on base makeup then on eyeliners and eyeshadows :P But you are my idol now, no more excuse for me to not buy eyeliner and practice! Heh.

I'm not sure that I will go down tomorrow despite the huge savings, am really on a makeup ban. Even though I'm only a small fry starting out, but still ouch!! T_T But I caved in and ordered P&J from la :P


Haru said...

Hey Jolyn,
I've added your blog to my Google Reader! That's a lovely collection of the Canmake Nudy Glow lipglosses that you have :-)
I heard that ASOS is offering free worldwide shipping, plus the pound is so low right now, I'm sure you saved quite a bit by purchasing the P&J sets from ASOS instead of at the local counters.

I also wear spectacles all day long because my eyes are too dry to wear contacts. But that definitely doesn't stop me from wearing eye makeup :-) Even when wearing specs, the eye makeup helps to enhance the eyes. Just play around with eyeshadows and eyeliner to find a look that you are comfortable with. It takes time and trial and error to find out what works for you, but that's the fun of it!

Jolyn said...

You're too kind Haru, I'm really just a small fry :S Like what my friends have commented, even with makeup on I look like I don't have any since I have naturally pink cheeks (woes of sensitive skin!) and I need to just cover my acne scars and marks. Thinking of going ahead to buy the Kate gel eyeliner, but your Kiss Me liquid one looks good, just not sure if I can handle it :(

Aha, am I nuts to buy spares? >_< I liked the colors and I only have these in my collection, a pink and a nude, fairly modest right XD I ordered when there was a 20% discount code but no free shipping, still saved some $$ especially when the Paper Moon is OOS in SG already :(

I will start in December, this November is !!!!!!! for my pocket XD BTW, what would you recommend for an eyeliner for a beginner like me? Thanks so much Haru!


Haru said...

The Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Liner is actually very easy to use because the brush tip has just the right amount of product so you don't get a big glop of liner liquid on your eyelid suddenly. I also didn't use liquid liners regularly until I got the Heroine Make liner and since then, it has become a daily staple. You can also try pencil eyeliners, which can be easier to control than liquid liners. Urban Decay's 24/7 eyeliners are very good and long-lasting with an excellent range of shades.

It's definitely not nuts to buy spares, especially if it's a product that you love and know that you will use. Plus the expiry date is quite some time off.