Sunday, 21 November 2010

Upcoming Japanese Magazine Freebies

Here's a list of upcoming Japanese magazine freebies. The release dates listed below are for Japan so please check directly with Kinokuniya if you wish to know when exactly they will arrive in Singapore. Kino's air shipments usually arrive on Wednesdays and Fridays but this is subject to changes (e.g. due to public holidays in Japan). It looks like Kino is doing a roaring business in Japanese magazines/mooks. During the 20% sale on Wednesday, the queue at the Japanese section was simply madness with more than 50 people in line, even longer than the English counter!

Voce (22 Nov): January issue comes with samples of Shiseido Benefique lotion, emulsion and cotton pads.

Biteki (22 Nov): January issue comes with a Maybelline 2011 schedule book and Jino amino-acid cream sample.

Spur (22 Nov): January issue comes with Love, Chloe eau de parfum mini spray and La Duree calendar

Spring (22 Nov): January issue comes with a Flower pouch with 8 pockets (21.5x12x5cm). You can view the video clip here.

Maquia (22 Nov): January issue comes with three Johnson's Body Care samples (Extra Care Dry Skin Bodywash, Dreamy Skin Relax Body Wash and Extra Care Dry Skin Cream)

More (27 Nov): January issue comes with Gelato Pique "mocomoco" socks.

Seventeen (1 Dec): January issue comes with a My Melody pouch

Lee (7 Dec): January issue comes with a Liberty PVC-coated pencil case and tissue case

Steady (7 Dec): January issue comes with a Natural Beauty Basic tote bag (25x37x13.3cm)

InRed (7 Dec): January issue comes with a Laura Ashley flower-print calendar and Muveil tote

Baila (11 Dec): January issue comes with a Kate Spade calendar and mouse pad.

Cutie (11 Dec): January issue comes with a HbG tri-pocket Juliet bag.

Nonno (18 Dec): February issue comes with a Dazzling fluffy tote bag.


Esther said...

Hi Iris,
thanks again for this post! :) I know I can always count on your blog on the latest on Jap mags and their freebies :) You are right, I was at Kino on wed and I could not believe my eyes when I saw the queue!:p But I joined the queue anyway and kudos to the Kino staff cos I only queued for about 15mins :)

Haru said...

Hi Esther,
I was shocked at the queue at the Japanese section so I joined the queue over at the English section instead. And it moved surprisingly fast too, think I queued for about 10 minutes. I haven't bought that many Japanese magazines recently but think I will definitely get those with the Liberty accessories and Gelato Pique socks!

Risa said...

I'm a big fan of the moco moco stuff from gelato pique. Recently i got a moco moco fix from Uniqlo. Similar product line in sweet pastel colors (and in stripes, polka dots etc) .When i saw them in uniqlo, i was hardly able to contain myself.I was squealing in delight (almost) and grabbed several items immediately. Going back for more socks. They are so comfy to wear to sleep.

Haru said...

I saw those mocomoco pajamas at Uniqlo too and was so tempted! Will have to check them out again.

kenji_sugizo said...

This wednesday shipment is delayed to Thurs and Friday due to Japan Holiday

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing my membership card had expired & so I decided to skip the 20% sales. Thanks for the update. I really like the pouch that comes with Spring magazine as it is spacious and has 8 compartments. I will likely be getting this.

Esther said...

Hi Iris,
I saw you at Kino NAC today when I went to pick up the latest issues of Spur, Spring and Biteki :) as I had already paid and had to rush off, I didn't have a chance to say hi. You look lovely in person! :) I had imagine you to be more petite :) If I see you again the next time, I will defintely say hi :)

Haru said...

Hi Esther,
I was there to buy CanCam, Voce and Nonno :-) I'm not that tall, just happen to be wearing heels today. Do say hi next time!