Saturday, 27 November 2010

Samantha Thavasa Opening in Singapore

Samantha Thavasa will be opening its very first store in Southeast Asia in December in Singapore! The store will be at Level B1 of Ion Orchard. To win invites to their launch party, all you have to do is follow Samantha Thavasa Singapore on Twitter and re-tweet their contest tweet. The contest is on from now until 30 November. Do also check out their new Facebook page for more details.

On my recent trip to Osaka, I was delighted to discover this Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice Liberty print Boston bag at the Daimaru in Shinsaibashi. The bag is available in three Liberty prints. You can see another of the prints here.

I spent about 20 minutes trying to decide between this pink paisley print and the purple flower print, and eventually decided to get the latter to match the Samantha Thavasa wallet that I got back in Tokyo in March on my honeymoon.

The bag is made in Japan and costs 16,275yen (about S$255), while the wallet had cost around 13,000yen. The material is cotton coated with PVC. I liked the fact that it was very lightweight and didn't feel stiff.

The bag is from the Petite Choice range, whereas the wallet is from the main Samantha Thavasa line. Hence, the logos and leather trimmings are different. I've been using the wallet for the past 6 months and it's still in tip top condition.

The leather trimming on the wallet is a light beige, whereas the bag sports a medium brown trimming.

The bag also comes with a detachable long strap.

Inside, there are two pockets on one side of the bag.

Hopefully the new store in Ion will carry their Liberty print range!


Anonymous said...

hey iris,
this is exciting!
do you think the prices in s'pore will be lower? the way jap cosmetics are cheaper in other countries than in japan? looking forward..

Haru said...

I have no idea, guess we'll only find out when the store opens. I do hope that they will price it reasonably, as they do have very attractive accessories but the prices, even in Japan, are quite expensive.

Citrine said...

That bag is adorable, kind of reminds me of both Anna Sui and Paul and Joe!

Haru said...

Thanks, Citrine! I wish Anna Sui and Paul & Joe sold their accessories and clothing lines in Singapore too.

faye lu said...

thanks for sharing! so pretty and practical.

Cosine said...


I was in Hokkaido in May and I bought a really nice wallet from Samantha Thavasa too! I got to know of this brand from the Japanese Magazines and from ur blog. I'm so happy to own the wallet.

I will be going to Okinawa this December so I'm pretty hype about shopping there. By any chance, do u know if they have Burberry Blue Label and Samantha Thavasa there?

Haru said...

I don't see any store locations in Okinawa for both Burberry Blue Label and Samantha Thavasa on their websites.

kenji_sugizo said...

From what I know, Liberty and Hello Kitty Range will be brought in...

Isla said...

I think you made the right choice (I think the purple flower print is prettier!)...especially since they match! :)
In your Tokyo Liberty Haul entry, you said the seams on the bags tended to crinkle...have they fixed that problem, or did you decide the pretty print outweighs the crinkling? :)
Also...wondering if you have any pictures of yourself wearing the Liberty print skirt/top, or any of the skirts from that post?
Also, I've been meaning to say...I really love the pics you put up from your trips (so pretty! and your comments really make it fun to read...sort of like a story sometimes!) and the snacks, too...makes my mouth water! :)

Haru said...

hi Agmini,
For the Boston bag that I got from the Petite Choice line, the material feels softer than the Liberty print bags from the main Thavasa line, so there isn't any crinkling problem at the corners.
I'm afraid I don't have any pics of myself in the Liberty print clothes, although I have worn them quite a fair bit. Glad to hear that you enjoy the travel posts!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I am thinking of changing my wallet and handbag too. I am undecisive on the brand as yet. With ST opening in Singapore, I have more choices. I hope the prices are not going to be too steep though.

Aris said...

Hi Haru,

I'm a regular reader of your blog :)
I went down yesterday to the shop at ION. I would say quite a selection of bags, wallets etc. They are also selling the hello kitty liberty print too. Prices wise, I got mine at SGD385. Some were quite expensive, like 600 plus and also 900 plus. JUst wanted to feedback on the selection, hope it helps the readers!

Haru said...

Thanks for the info, Aris! I'm looking forward to checking out the shop when I get back to Singapore :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris,

I went down to visit the Ion store yesterday & i bought a Boston bag. Different print from yours but it's another Liberty print (purple)...prices are slightly higher than in JP but not too much!

The entire Hello Kitty x Liberty collection is there!

I like reading your entries. Keep blogging!

Haru said...

hi seishouai,
Thank you! I'm glad to hear that you enjoy reading the blog :-) I'm so happy that they brought in the Hello Kitty/Liberty range!

Hannah said...

I just dropped by the boutique at Ion Orchard this afternoon and didn't see quite a no. of items from the Hello Kitty/Liberty collection that I saw in Japan. For that matter, the range in Japan was far wider than what the store here carries.

The Ion Orchard boutique did carry the tote series from the Hello Kitty/Liberty collection but I was glad not to see the colour that I chose. ;)

I was also so happy to find out that the tote bag which I bought happened to be the exact same colour as the card holder that came with the Jap magazine a couple of months back. ;D

Hannah said...

Forgot to say, the Boston bag you got is very pretty indeed. And it's nice that the bag comes with a shoulder strap. I think you've made a good choice (as always) with the colour and prints.

The Boston bag caught my eye but Liberty prints AND Hello Kitty are too attractive to pass.

Haru said...

Hi Hannah,
I just visited the Samantha Thavasa store today as well, and was happy to see the Liberty print bags here! Very tempted to get another one, but shall refrain for now as I'm very happy with my Boston bag. Hopefully, the shop will bring in a wider selection of their bags and accessories in the future.

cass said...

Hi, love your purple boston bag, visited the ion store and they do have the same bag but in different prints, still prefers your purple floral prints and hope that they will bring it in store soon..btw, do you know whet else I can get this bag from? Thks

Haru said...

hi cass,
I'm afraid I don't know where else you can get the bag from. Why don't you try asking at the store at Ion if they can order it for you? They brought in some accessories in that purple floral print recently, but not the Boston bag.