Sunday, 14 November 2010

Kanebo Kirei Ni Naru Digest 2010 Winter

For ladies interested in Coffret D'Or's upcoming Spring 2011 makeup collection, you may wish to check out the latest issue of Kanebo's Kirei Ni Naru Hon which can be downloaded in PDF format (

I swatched the new Eyes Appeal quads recently but most of the shades were disappointingly sheer and run-of-the-mill. The Beauty Shape Designer palettes look cute with the heart motifs but were also not that special when swatched.


galpal.hi said...

The collection looks so pretty. Thank you for doing a review on it because I would have seriously considered ordering some things. Since it's sheer, I know that I won't like it. Your review helped me to save my money.


Haru said...

Hi Kat,
You're welcome! I think Coffret D'Or current line of eyeshadow quads are much nicer in terms of the colour combinations and textures. The spring collection just looks very bland to me.