Saturday, 20 November 2010

SKII Christmas Tree Light-Up at Tangs

On Friday evening, Tangs Orchard had a special Christmas tree light-up event. Have you noticed anything special about the giant Christmas tree in front of Tangs? It is actually built out of 20,000 bottles of SKII Facial Treatment Essence!

SKII has just started a five week campaign to raise clear, purified water for World Vision before Christmas. The SKII Clear for Life project's target for its inaugural year in Singapore is to raise 3 million litres of clear purified water for communities in need across Asia.

The campaign could not be more apt given that SKII's most popular star product Facial Treatment Essence is popularly known as "miracle water" which helps to improve skin clarity. By now, the story of SKII's origins is very well known. The key ingredient in it is pitera, which was discovered when scientists noticed that the elderly workers at a sake brewery in Japan had extraordinarily soft and youthful-looking hands.

I attended with Mag as usual :-)

Gracing the event was SKII brand ambassador and model Qiqi. Local actress Zoe Tay was also in attendance.

Having grown up watching Zoe Tay's TV dramas, it was a special treat to see her in person for the first time. Her figure is simply amazing for someone who just gave birth to her third son in early October!

The statuesque 1.8m-tall Qiqi recounted her travel experiences to disaster-stricken areas without access to clean drinking water. She also made a personal donation of 100,000 litres of water. Qiqi has been a loyal user of SKII for 13 years.

World Vision (Singapore) will be working with SKII to help provide clean water through the distribution of PUR sachets, a powdered mixture that helps to purify water and make it drinkable in just 30 minutes. These sachets come in helpful especially in remote areas that lack basic sanitation and have no reliable water infrastructure.

For every purchase of the SKII Festive set from Tangs Orchard, SKII will donate 30 litres of water to World Vision (Singapore). For purchases of S$1000 including a Festive set, SKII will donate a whopping 3,000 litres. Between 16 to 25 November, SKII will also be distributing free bottles of water to consumers at Tangs Orchard to raise awareness.

At 7.15pm, the Christmas tree of Facial Treatment Essence bottles was lit up along with the facade of Tangs, to the visible delight of the crowd.

Looking at the bright and cheery decorations, it feels like the holiday season is well and truly upon us!


galpal.hi said...

That's really pretty and it's a great cause that they are bringing awareness to.


makeupmag said...

Your brooch and dress = pretty that night. :)

I thought it was clever of them to use the Shen Qi Shui bottles! ;)

Anonymous said...

I had never seen Zoe Tay in person although there are always a lot of bitchy gossips about her. i am sure she is nice in real person.