Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Sightings at Watsons

Stopped by the Watsons in Ngee Ann City earlier today with my mother and found lots of new stuff for the holidays! The Paul Frank Lip Smacker sets are already in store.

Za has released new limited edition powder foundation cases that are packaged with deluxe samples of its skincare. If I'm not wrong, Za is still the number one drugstore brand for powder foundation in Singapore.

According to the Za Facebook page, there are 8 sets altogether.

Za also has five new shimmery eyeshadow singles retailing at around S$11+.

The colour payoff is sheer to medium with quite a bit of sparkle.

A new fantasy-themed Majolica Majorca display. The cardboard display for the Fall in Girl collection is already in store but the products have not arrived yet.

Plumplus lipglosses for creating the Japanese nude lip look.

Tsubasa Masuwaka's Dolly Wink line of nail polishes.

Skin79 deluxe sample set of four BB Creams. My favourite is still VIP Gold.

Asience haircare bundles.

Watsons is also running a Rirakkuma promotion. If you make a S$15 purchase, you can buy any number of the Rirakkuma merchandise at S$4.90 instead of the usual S$9.90. The selection includes small pillows, fleece blankets, thermal mugs and umbrellas. So I got a few boxes of my favourite Melty Kiss chocolates (S$3.60), a Rirakkuma blanket and umbrella.

The three designs for the fleece blankets.

The umbrella material feels very thin and a bit flimsy but then again, it's less than five bucks. And the design is just too adorable!

You can check out Watsons' Christmas catalogue for more information on their holiday promotions.


Blovet Beauty said...

Oh thks for this update. I intend to make my way down very soon and will check out the dollywink nail polishes especially;)

Stephanie Nangoi said...

OMG, thanks for doing this post. Please do more posts about Watsons, so I can ask my brother to get things for me. lol

chem said...

I love your Watsons posts! Heading back to sgp soon for holidays, so it's good what's in the store for planning shopping lists. <3

Joopah said...

I miss Watsons. Thanks for posting this. The Skin79 set is calling me.... LOL!

Haru said...

hi Zulfa,
You're welcome :-) The Skin79 set is a great way to try out their various BB Creams to find the one that is most suitable for you.

Hi chem,
glad you find the posts helpful! Hope you have a great holiday back in Singapore!

hi Stephanie,
Glad to be of help!

hi Blovet Beauty,
I love exploring Watsons to see what's new in the stores :-)

Isla said...

What flavors are the chocolates? It looks like strawberry, mint, and something I right? :)

Haru said...

It's actually creamy chocolate, green tea and strawberry :)

Anonymous said...

Haha...I'm in the USA so "green" to me usually means mint but green tea makes I see the little tea leaves on the box. I thought they were mint leaves. :-p Which one do you like the best?

Haru said...

hi agmini,
I love the creamy chocolate one the most, but the other two are good too :-)