Friday, 28 January 2011

Samantha Thavasa

The Samantha Thavasa store at Ion has been fully restocked after many designs sold out very quickly in the first couple of weeks after its opening.

Aside from the popular Mouton Aimi in a wide variety of colours, there are also many Hello Kitty and Liberty print bags, wallets and card/key cases.

Love these nautical stripe bags with the Liberty print teddies!

By the way, the Liberty mooks in Tatum and Poppy & Daisy will be arriving today at Kinokuniya stores in Singapore in the late afternoon.

You can see many more pics on Samantha Thavasa's Facebook page!


Anonymous said...

roughly how much is their price range? :D
so cute!~

Haru said...

The bags range from S$300+ to S$500+ while the wallets and other small accessories are $100+ onwards.