Thursday, 21 July 2011

Addiction Fall 2011

Here are the details on Addiction's fall makeup collection, Aurora Reflection from Voce.

1. Eyeshadow: 7 new shades (2100yen)

2. Blush: 2 new shades (2940yen)

3. Lipgloss: 6 new shades (2625yen)

4. Cheek Stick: 1 new shade (2940yen)

5. Nail Polish: 3 new shades (1890yen)

The collection will be released on 19 August in Japan. It's a relief to see that the products are not limited edition as the collection looks amazing. You can see more pics in this earlier post.


Elaine said...

Nice! I want the blush! I thought the lilac blush reminds me of Nars New order ;)

Jamilla Camel said...

I will be broke after my next trip to Tokyo, thanks to you!!

makeupmag said...

That blush shade is gorgeous!