Saturday, 9 July 2011

MAC Fashion Flower

The MAC Fashion Flower has finally arrived at Tangs Orchard but almost half of the display was missing when I was at the counter earlier.

Bows & Curtseys (Satin) and Aqua (Matte) looked very promising initially but when swatched, both failed to impress. Aqua lacked color payoff while Bows & Curtseys was overly blackened.

The Lipgelees (S$26) are mesmerizing to look at in the tube, if you are a shimmer lover. Now In Season and Fashionflower look much more sparkly than Budding Beauty. These felt slightly sticky though.

Ever Hip looks so pretty when swatched. Luckily I didn't give in to the temptation to get it, as after I got home, I realised that I actually purchased it when it was released as part of the Give Me Liberty collection! I was surprised when the SA said that she had sold many tubes of Summer Shower, which looks like a pale shiny mint in the tube. She showed me how it could be mixed with other shades to lighten them up and make them more shiny. Mlle is a milky candyfloss pink that looks difficult for most ladies to pull off.

Below are swatches of three lipsticks from the Semi Precious collection. I love shades like Musky Amethyst but not sure if it will look too goth on me.


Maya said...

Scored a tube of Ever Hip! :) I was surprised that Summer Shower sold so well!

In other news, my SA told me that customers actually secreted away the tester brushes from.the Semi Precious collection, and a mini squabble broke out over the last Rose Quartz MSF! o_o

miwitch said...

omg lush amber caught my eye! Gota check it out!!! >,< Thanks for posting this!