Friday, 15 July 2011

Upcoming Japanese Magazine Freebies

Here are the freebies for the September issues of some Japanese magazines. The release dates listed below are for Japan so please check directly with Kinokuniya if you wish to know when they will arrive in Singapore. Kino's air shipments are usually on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Liniere (20 Jul): fan with matching sleeve

Nonno (20 July): AG by Aqua Girl bag (54x40x11cm)

Spring (23 July): Banner Barrett foldable bag (38x44x12cm)

Maquia (23 Jul): monogram pouch

Glow (28 Jul): Harrods chiller bag (20x15.5x15cm)

Elle: (28 Jul): Pouch by Philosophy's Alberta Ferretti

Seventeen (1 Aug): Igni eco-bag

InRed (6 Aug): L'Occitane two-way tote bag (26x26.5x12cm)

Steady (6 Aug): Rope Picnic shoulder bag (28.5x44.5x13.5cm)

Baila (11 Aug) Paul & Joe bag (19.5x27x12cm) with foundation and primer samples

Sweet (11 Aug): Anna Sui bag and drawstring pouch

Cutie (11 Aug): ribbon pouch and hair tie


Fay. H. said...

Any idea if the fan is made with paper or fabric? Thanks!

Haru said...

Not sure but the fans included as magazine freebies are usually made of paper.

Kimberly Xie-aka-Kinna said...

The Loccitane and Anna Sui ones look so cute! But I have more mook totes than I can use, so... *control, control*

Haru said...

Same, I have too many totes and pouches from all these Japanese magazines! So I only picked up the Baila with the Paul & Joe bag and Liniere for the fan.