Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes #20, #22 and #23

Yesterday, I was elated to discover that the Body Shop has just released three new Shimmer Cubes (£16) over here in the UK. It's has been quite awhile since the last new Shimmer Cube, which are nifty blocks of shimmery shades for the eyes. Formulated with Community Fair Trade marula oil from Namibia, each individual cube is 3.5g, which is a very generous amount of product that can pretty much last you forever.

Originally, I was intending to just get #22 Green Light but the Body Shop was having a promotion for Shimmer Cubes in which if you purchase one, you can get a second at 50% off. Right after I decided to get #23 Bunch of Violets as well, the SA told me that if I get a third one, I can get £5 off. So that's how I ended up hauling all three Shimmer Cubes, paying an average of £11.70 per Shimmer Cube, which is not too bad considering that they retail for S$36.90 in Singapore. On top of that, my receipt came with a voucher for £10 off my next £25 purchase. The Body Shop knows how to keep customers coming back for more!

I just heard from Mag that #22 Green Light will not be available in Singapore. It contains Pure Turquoise, Mint Green, Silver Grey and Forest Green.

Both #23 Bunch of Violets and #20 Blue Moon are already listed on the Body Shop Singapore's website, so they probably are in stores already. Bunch of Violets contains the shades Orchid Purple, Candy Pink, Pearly White and Velvet Plum.

Blue Moon contains the shades Indigo Blue, Starlight Silver, Snow White and Midnight Black.

These swatches were done on bare skin without any primer. All the shades have good colour payoff but I wouldn't say they are crazily pigmented like some of Sleek's eyeshadows can be. Instead, the Shimmer Cubes can be layered for the desired intensity, which I think makes them easier to work with. Most of these swatches were two swipes each.

Application steps for each Shimmer Cube.

Ingredients list


Ninni said...

I can see that you are a fan of Sophie Zelmani, she is a swedish singer - amazing that you found her. :-) Oh, I am from Sweden by the way. You should listen to some other swedish singers like Eric Saade, September and E.M.D, they are all on on Youtube if you are interested. Good popmusic in english!

makeupmag said...

It's such a pity the greens won't make it here. Consolation: I have dupes, certainly! :D

Kas said...

I have 2 of these shimmer cubes and always forgetting to use them - shall make an effort to use them more! The greens are so pretty!!!

OSeñorita said...

Those are really nice sets of shades!!! I love the Blue Moon sets!