Saturday, 9 July 2011

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colors

Of the 12 new Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colors, I got to pick three shades to try so I decided on WT901 Mist, VI305 Purple Dream and SV810 Tin.

I like how slim the pots are, compared to the bulky Maquillage Dual Glow Eyes and MAC Paint Pots (middle in the pic below). The Maquillage version has a sponge applicator inside the lid. The Dual Glow Eyes are S$40 for 6g, while Paint Pots are S$33 for 5g. The Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colors are S$32 for 6g, which I think is a very sweet price point for the quality. They actually cost much more in Japan where the price is 3150yen (about S$48). I'm not sure of the price in the US, where the Hydro-Powder Eye Shadows are US$25 (versus MAC Paint Pots which are US$16.50).

Without using any primer, I applied VI305 from the upper lashline to the crease, WT901 over the browbone area and along the lower lashline and SV810 just above in the outer half of the crease. The cream eye colors are very easy to blend and layer to the desired intensity. You can use your fingertip to apply these as a wash over the lids, and a synthetic eyeshadow brush for more precise placement, for example along the lower lashline or in the crease.

The photo above was taken right after I did my makeup in the morning while the two photos below were taken after more than 12 hours of wear. WT901 has a more shimmery finish than SV810 and VI305, which have more of a soft glimmer. These feel very comfortable on the skin, without any of the grittiness of Lunasol Shining Ocean Eyes.

The lack of creasing even at the inner corner was truly impressive. The Shimmering Cream Eye Colors are supposed to last up to 16 hours of wear.

For the rest of the look, I used Shiseido Pore Smoothing Corrector, Perfect Refining Foundation #100, Natural Finish Cream Concealer #2 Light Medium, Perfect Rouge RD734, Automatic Fine Eyeliner, Nourishing Mascara Base, Ettusais Bitaba Volume Mascara and K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow 02.

Shiseido Makeup Artist Director Dick Page at work on Raquel Zimmerman for the ad visual.

Zimmerman is wearing PK302 Magnolia and VI305 Purple Dream in the ad.

The inspiration for each of the shades.

You can see swatches in this earlier post. Hopefully, Shiseido will expand the line-up in future seasons as I would dearly love to see jade, teal or aquamarine shades in this excellent formula.


Citrine said...

I like their hydro powder eyeshadow quite a bit and this looks just as good(Gotta love the slimmer pot as well)!

Anonymous said...

Will you be visiting Japan soon? Look forward to seeing more of your hauls.

Haru said...

Nope, I don't have any plans to visit Japan soon though I do miss it very much! Maybe next year :-)