Saturday, 2 July 2011

Sentimental Circus

Earlier this week, I came across some new Sentimental Circus goods at Kinokuniya in Liang Court and couldn't resist picking some items up as I've grown very fond of the characters after my earlier purchases in January and May. The Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City and NBC in Raffles City also carries Sentimental Cirus goods, but the product selection can vary depending on the store.

This zip pouch was about S$16. It is so much more well made than the pouches that are usually given away with Japanese magazines that cost around the same price, if not more.

The exterior is covered with a clear plastic layer, which should make it easy to clean. The ribbon and sequins are under the plastic layer.

Inside, there are two mesh flap pockets, perfect for holding a few lipsticks or a compact.

Couple of cute towels to brighten up one's day!

San-x lists its monthly releases for various characters on this web page, with the latest Sentimential Circus releases on this page. Hopefully these will pop up in Kinokuniya or NBC some time soon!


Hannah said...

Hi Iris, just to let you know I'd seen Sentimental Circus at the stationery section at Isetan Scotts.

Isla said...

Is the plastic stiff or flexible? I've had plastic covered pouches that crack after a little while.

Annina~♥ said...

O.M.G. that's so cuuuteeeeeeee♥ :D

Haru said...

Hi Agmini,
The plastic is flexible.

Hi Hannah,
Thanks for letting me know!

shopaholic said...

hi, I like them too but what do u normally do with the towels?

Haru said...

I use them as hand towels to dry my hands after washing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris,

SC products are being sold in Seimon-Cho (IMM & Plaza Sing) too!


Anonymous said...

Are they made in china or japan?

Haru said...

The towels are made in China. Not sure about the pouch as I've discarded the tag.

makerofbirds said...

I stumbled upon your blog doing a google search for Sentimental Circus. Thank you so much for posting these pictures! I live in the US and have no idea where I'm going to find this fabulous bag (I'm in the US and am frantically searching for it online now that I know it exists), but I know that I NEED to have it.

Haru said...

You're welcome, hope you manage to find it!