Saturday, 23 July 2011

Paul & Joe Manhattan Collection Sparkles

Thanks to a friend, Kelly, I learnt that the Paul & Joe counter at Harrods was launching the new Manhattan Collection Sparkles today so we met up to check it out together.

The Lipstick CS and Face & Eye Color CS both retail for £15 each (about S$29.60). Thanks to the low pound, that works out to be significantly cheaper compared to Singapore where the lipsticks are usually S$39 each. The second part of the collection (which includes face palettes, nail polishes and lipsticks) will be released closer to September.

Paul & Joe's Collection Sparkles eyeshadows are usually on the sheer side, providing more of a semi-translucent wash with a soft sparkle.

Face & Eye Color CS #73 42nd Street

Face & Eye Color CS #74 Empire State

Face & Eye Color CS #75 Brooklyn Bridge

Ingredients list.

The three lipsticks also apply sheer with a slightly glossy finish. #72 SoHo, a cheerful orange coral, is the brightest and most intense whereas #73 Uptown Girl and #74 are more neutral, easy-to-wear shades.

P&J lipsticks usually work well for me as they wear very comfortably without drying out my lips but some of the recent Collection Sparkle shades were too sheer for my liking. The three new shades in the Manhattan collection appear more promising though.

Like previous Collection Sparkles lipsticks, the inner lipstick tube can be swapped out for another P&J shade if you like. The cardboard tube may look flimsy but it actually holds up quite well without getting scuffed or bent, even when carried around in my bag without any protective case.

The Harrods counter (which was relatively small and did not appear to carry the full makeup range) had a very generous gift with purchase of £45, namely a floral print pouch with a matching wallet, a full size Lip Lacquer #5 and deluxe samples of the Deep Cleansing Milk, Moisture Lotion N and Moisture Cream.

Ingredients list for the lipsticks.


Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

Thanks for showing these! I hope to see the polishes.

miss_waterlily said...

Hi Iris,

It was great meeting you ur so kind to have passed a gift onto me as well:-) I am happy if you want to post the photos or send to my email relative to this account. Harrods do have the whole range but obviously not enough room. I am surprised that after revamping the whole beauty apothecary their counter didn't get any bigger!

Hannah said...

I want that GWP pouch and wallet! And with only £45 purchase. Such a good deal!

Btw, are Suqqu cosmetics cheaper in UK than in Japan?

Haru said...

Hi Hannah,
Due to the exchange rate, I think Suqqu is cheaper in the UK now than Japan. Like the foundations are £65 (about S$130) in the UK versus ¥10500 (about S$150) in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Oh Iris, I envy you! You managed to buy this so soon! Btw, may I know where can I get my hands on this collection later via online stores in UK/US?(And perhaps ships internationally too, other than Asos?) I bet it's gonna be much longer for these to arrive in Malaysia (Spore usually gets it earlier) and the price here is quite expensive compared to what I've seen on Thanks! :)


Haru said...

Hi Shyra,
ASOS is the UK website that I usually order my P&J items from. For US websites, I know that stocks P&J but I don't know if they ship internationally.

Haru said...

Also, stocks P&J and ships internationally so you can check them out too.

Audrey said...

Hi haru do u hv the ingredient for the skincare ? Thanks

Shyra said...

Thanks Iris! :)

Haru said...

Hi Audrey,
Nope, I don't.

FacesBySarah said...

the lippies look too pretty to use!

Lynn said...

Excited!! Can't wait for these to hit the counters here :)

Anonymous said...

Looks really lovely. Thanks for sharing! Do you mind to swatch the eye shadows as well? The coral lip swatch looks so pretty.