Saturday, 9 July 2011

Ettusais BB Mineral Cream and Bitaba Volume Mascara

This September, Ettusais will be debuting its first ever BB Mineral Cream and Mineral Powder. The release date for Japan is 15 September while the date for Singapore has not been confirmed but it will be in September as well.

The BB Mineral Cream (1890yen, 40g) is available in three shades and has SPF30 PA++ while the loose Mineral Powder (1890yen, 10g) comes in two shades and has SPF16 PA++. The prices for Singapore have not been set yet but as a rough gauge, Bitaba mascara, which also costs 1890yen in Japan, sells at S$38 here. You can see swatches of the three shades on this Japanese blog.

Composed of 79% skincare ingredients, the BB Mineral Cream contains Ettusais' star ingredient AC-Control oil to help prevent acne and W Super Hyaluronic Acid complex, erythritol and xylitol to help hydrate the skin. The formula is fragrance free but it does contain silicones and ethanol. It has a semi-matte finish and boasts 7 functions: it covers pores, provides sun protection, prevents acne and it acts as a moisturiser, primer, foundation and concealer.

Here are some comparison swatches with other BB creams. The photo above was taken near a window with sunlight while the photo below was taken under indoor lighting.

The Ettusais BB Mineral Cream has none of the grey or ashy tones of some of the other BB creams. Instead, it has a slightly yellow beige tone. The texture is a light cream, similar to a tinted moisturiser. When applied, it matches my skintone quite well and gives it a natural, semi-matte finish. For a more polished finish, I apply the Mineral Powder on top.

Below are two looks that I did with the BB cream earlier this week. I found the oil control to be pretty decent with my T-zone showing shine after about three hours. I like that it doesn't look overly matte and flat, and it makes my skin look healthier and more even-toned. The coverage was sheer to medium. It did help to conceal my pores but it can't vanquish the larger acne scars completely. I did need to touch up in the afternoon, as when my skin gets oily, my pores become more prominent.

The Bitaba Volume Mascara, which I purchased in Japan earlier this year, has worked pretty well on me. It doesn't add tremendous volume but it does a great job of separating, defining and holding the curl of my lashes.

For me, the ability of a mascara to keep my lashes curled is what makes or breaks it. Bitaba helps to keep my lashes curled throughout the day without any flaking or smudging. The waterproof mascara can be difficult to remove though, so I usually use a cleansing oil to melt it off.

The above look was done with Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eyes GR791 Feathery Fan from the fall 2010 collection and the look below was done with Ocean Scene Eyes #4 Smoky Ocean from the spring 2011 collection.

Below is the list of phone numbers for the Ettusais counters in Singapore. Do also check out the Ettusais Facebook page for the latest product news.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ettusais review, I am definitely looking forward to the September release! Oh but why oh why septmenber, why not now :'( I need (more like want..) a new bb cream so I guess Im gonna get the hada labo moist cream first and wait till the ettusais one comes out later ^^

Fiona Star said...

Hi Haru, may I know which of the 3 shades did you purchase for the Ettusais BB cream?

Haru said...

I received the lightest shade #10 from Shiseido.

Tiffany said...

Hi Haru, I dont suppose you have the ingredients list for this BB? I can't wait till it comes out! Hope it doesnt have any ingredients I'm allergic to~ >n<

Haru said...

I don't have the ingredients list in English. The box has only the ingredients in Japanese, of which I only understand some terms. Perhaps you can check it at the counter when it is released in Singapore? They usually do put the English ingredients lists on stickers on the boxes.

Unknown said...

Oh wow, I envy that you've got to try it before all of us! Thanks for the amazing swatches! That helps a lot!

Anonymous said...


Can you recommend an organic shampoo that is good? I tried many but all left my hair like straw.

I have oily scalp but dry hair.

Organic skincare works well for me but not for haircare :(

Haru said...

Sorry I don't have any recommendations for organic shampoo as I haven't tried that many. Perhaps you can check out Vivawoman for recommendations as she reviews a lot of organic products.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the swatches! Very very helpful as I could compare to the ones I had :]

Anonymous said...

Hello! Do you know when ettuasis will give out the lugguage again? Miss out the previous one this year during isetan private sales :(