Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Chantecaille Fall 2011

According to Voce, Chantecaille will release its fall makeup collection on 7 September in Japan. The collection includes:

1. New Classic Palette: 3 powder eyeshadows and 1 blush (9450yen)

2. Longest Lash Volume Mascara: Volumising mascara formulated with rose oil and peptides to promote lash growth. (8400yen)

3. Gel Liner Pencil: Smudge-free, water-resistant gel liner in a pencil, with an attached brush. (3990yen)

4. Lip Chic: 2 new shades (4515yen)


Pink Sith said...

YAY!! I wonder wen It's gong to be in the states and if the colors will change b/c of the location.
Thanks for posting!!

luv2smilexo said...

omg so excited for new lip chic shades!! that palette does look verryy similar to the tigers palette though