Monday, 4 July 2011

Anna Sui Fall 2011

Anna Sui will release its fall makeup collection on 4 August in Japan. It includes:

1. Perfect Mascara: Film-type mascara that separates and defines lashes. Formulated with a "fast dry powder" and sebum-resistant, water-resistant polymer for a smudgeproof finish. (3360yen)

2. Lash Amplifying Mascara: Volumising mascara with a spatula comb applicator. Available in 3 shades. (3360yen; 6g)

3. Foundation Case (includes sponge): 3 limited edition designs. (1260yen each)

4. Eyeliner Pencil WP: 5 limited edition shades (2100yen)

According to Kyoko Iida's blog, there will also be three Eyebrow Color Compacts (2940yen each) in the shape of a ribbon!

Pics and info from Voce.


Editor of Rock on! Anna Sui said...

Ho ho, thanks for posting! Looking forward to get more information on this :) By the way, can you link me to the Voce article? I've been trying to understand how to navigate and find stuff on Voce but you see, I suck too much to find the one about the new collection x__x

Thanks ♥

Haru said...

Here's the link to the Voce calendar of new product releases:

It gets updated quite regularly.

Kas said...

I can't wait to see how the coloured mascaras look (I haven't gotten over the trend yet!) :D

Anonymous said...

This is the best news for fall!! I'm definately getting the brow compact! Their discontinued powder brow compacts have left me sore for a couple of years.I've yet to find an equivalent powder brow compact these years. Hope this new one will be as good as the discontinued one if not better. Packaging wise, it's so cute.

ShinyPrettyThings said...

i LOVE Anna Sui makeup. She always releases the coolest things. ahhh I wish they sold it here in the US

Haru said...

You can purchase Anna Sui makeup in the US from Urban Outfitters' website. Do check it out!

Mei said...

Can't wait for the brow compact to reach SG! Looks really pretty :)