Thursday, 7 July 2011

Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colors and Perfect Foundation Brush

Shiseido will be releasing a new line of Shimmering Cream Eye Colors (S$32, 6g) in late August in Singapore. These will replace the Hydro-Powder Eye Shadows.

Created by Dick Page, these super smooth and blendable cream shadows not only last up to 16 hours, the shades are also noticeably more pigmented and lustrous than the Hydro-Powder Eye Shadows.

Page used the trio in the pic below at the New York Fall 2011 fashion shows by Michael Kors and Band of Outsiders, while VI305 Purple Dawn and BK912 Black Caviar were used at Narcisco Rodriguez.

WT901 Mist is the most shiny of the lot. Most of the shades have a very refined silver or iridescent shimmer that twinkles subtly under the lights.

SV810 Tin is a lovely gunmetal grey.

These swatches were done on bare skin without any primer. Most of these were just a single swipe, which shows you how pigmented some of them are. WT901, PK302 and GD803 were more sheer compared to the rest.

For a sheer application, you can apply these with your fingertip while for a more intense finish, you can use either a sponge applicator or a brush.

Once the eyeshadows set, they don't smear easily. It was only by rubbing them with some pressure that they smudged a little at the edges. I also ran these under water for about 10 seconds and they didn't budge.

The Cream Eye Colors, which are made in the USA, have a shelf life of 24 months from the date of opening.

Shiseido will also be releasing a new Perfect Foundation Brush (S$40), which can be used for virtually all types of foundations, be it powder, emulsion, liquid or cream.

Made in Japan, it is actually a replica of the Shiseido #131 Foundation Brush (1890yen), which was released last year for sale in drugstores in Japan. I purchased my #131 brush at a 30% discount in Kyoto last year.


makeupmag said...

What a beautiful rainbow of colours. So looking forward to seeing these in person. :)

Jamilla Camel said...

looking forward go these!

luv2smilexo said...

how exciting!! I loved the colors of the old cream shadows but they had no lasting power on me. I hope these ones are better. Can't wait for them to make it state side

Hannah said...

Such beautiful colours! Reminds me again why I still prefer Japanese point MU. They are such a beautiful sight to behold.

And thanks for sharing the application tips for the brush.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE yoru collection of Shiseido HP Cream e/s! They are on my top list cream e/s, the best every for shimmery colourful ones. You have so many!

And those Shiseido brushes are to die for! Gorgeous. I simply love coming to your blog looking through all your fabulous makeup collection.

And of course, all the places you travel to!

Kas said...

the shiseido foundation brush - I love it for buffing out cream foundation - I have the MAC Mineralise cream compact and this works really well cos its dense n firm enough.

And the cream shadows look awesome - WT901 will come home with me for sure :)

Haru said...

Hey Jojoba,
These are the new Shimmering Cream Eye Colors, not the Hydro-Powder Eye Shadows. And these are testers that I got to swatch at the Shiseido office, they don't belong to me! You should definitely check out the collection when it arrives in Malaysia.

hi luv2smilexo,
The lasting power of these new cream eye colors is fantastic. I tried them out today and there was no creasing or smudging.

Anonymous said...

Hihi, any idea how much will the brush cost and when will it be available? Thanks, Tarry

Haru said...

hi Tarry,
As stated in the post, the brush will retail at S$40 in Singapore. It should be available in September.

Anonymous said...

I was gifted with the brush not too long ago! And I really like it for base makeup application. However at S$40, I find it overpriced coz it's quite easily available at a discounted rate in Japan.

Anonymous said...

ha i read it carefully this time. i only stared at the colours. i know the new packaging looks different. now i am wondering how different these are compared to the old ones and will i like them that much? i stopped by a shiseido counter the day before and the girl wasn't sure when these may get here. i want to try them out! looks very interesting. however, i don't use cream e/s these days. too much powder products for me as is!

Jacqueline said...

Hi Haru! Thanks to your post, I went out today and bought myself 5 of these. The texture is so much better than the old hydro-powders, more pigmented and blendable. It looks like I am going to get myself some more. I missed out on Moss GR708 and Techno Gold GD803.

Pumps and Gloss said...

So pretty!!