Friday, 29 July 2011

Becca Deluxe Travel Toiletry Bag and Paul & Joe pouches

Yesterday, I popped down to Fenwick in New Bond Street to pick up a few more Louise Young brushes. I wandered over to the Becca counter in search of a brush roll as I've purchased several brushes on this trip. Although they didn't have any, the Deluxe Travel Toiletry Bag (£40, about S$79) caught my eye with its generous size and multitude of compartments. This will come in very handy for keeping my beauty products and tools neatly organised and well protected.

The lightweight nylon bag in Becca's signature dark chocolate shade looked stylish with the silver metal studded handles while the soft leather pullers on the zips felt luxurious and much easier to grasp than the usual metal zip pullers. The bag should be quite easy to clean. The price in the UK works out to be slightly cheaper than the US, where it costs US$68 (about S$82).

The bag has three main sections. The front section has three plastic open-top pockets on one side and two mesh zippered pockets on the other side.

The middle section has the widest base and is meant for storing creams, gels or liquid items, which can be secured with the three elastic bands. One side is covered with water-resistant plastic.

It is wide enough for me to fit a fairly thick Paul & Joe pouch inside.

The third section has elastic holders and pockets for brushes/mascaras/liners etc, plus a zippered pocket and two clear PVC pockets with magnetic closures. The pockets are all fairly sizable.

The elastic holders and pockets are best suited for short handled brushes rather than long handled brushes which would risk falling out or being crushed by items in the zippered pocket.

On this trip, I've been using a variety of Paul & Joe pouches that I've collected over the years.

This flat pouch was a gift with last year's Sahara collection. I carry this in my bag daily for holding basic makeup necessities like a lipstick, powder foundation, concealer, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow palette, blush, perfume sample vial and cotton buds.

The whale print pouch, which is a recent gift with purchase with the L'Horizon Bleu collection, is very roomy and useful for storing larger bottles/tubes as well as just throwing in whatever odds and ends I come across while packing for a trip.

The pink and grey pouch was a gift with last fall's Clair de Lune collection. It is well padded but can't fit much. In this, I have a Sleek palette, a Tokidoki palette, a Paul & Joe powder compact and a Magie Deco palette.

The green organizer has been around for quite awhile. I think I purchased this when it was on sale at (which no longer stocks it). still has it at US$65.

I like this pouch for its multi-functionality and detachable pouches.

It can fit several brushes but not brushes with longer handles like those by Louise Young. Some of my brushes also got their bristles bent at an angle, which was why I started looking for a brush roll.


Jamilla Camel said...

Great bag! You're so neatly packed - Jamal joked that your entire bag probably contained 80% makeup, lol!

cewek said...

Cool travel toiletry bag! *adds it to the London shopping list*

FarahDean said...

Love the Becca Toiletry Pouch.

Unknown said...

I have noticed that has the deluxe travel bag back in stock. Do you still recommend this? How has yours held up ?

Haru said...

Mine has held up very well for more than three years and I still use it when I travel. Definitely recommend it!