Saturday, 2 July 2011

MAC Semi Precious

MAC Senior Artist Beno Lim just tweeted this morning that the Semi Precious mineral makeup collection will be launched on 7 July in Singapore. Fashion Flower has also been delayed to 7 July.

Reviews and swatches of Semi Precious have already splashed widely across the American blogs, so it should be quite easy to research which are the worthwhile gems in a rather massive collection. Here's the price list for Singapore:

Mineralize Eyeshadow S$36

Mineralize Blush S$44

Mineralize Skinfinish S$48

Lipstick S$28

Cremesheen Glass S$35

Zoom Fast Black Lash Macara in Deepest Black S$26

Mineralize Satinfinish NC35 S$55

Mineralize Charged Water Revitalizing Energy S$37

Split Fibre Brushes #234 Eye Blending Brush S$39; #235 All Over Eye S$60; #128 Cheek Brush S$59; #179 Angled Bugger Brush S$84

As individual MAC counters sometimes face shipment delays, I highly recommend calling the counter first before heading down to confirm that the products that you want are in stock. Below is the list of phone numbers for the counters in Singapore.

Here are also some application tips by Beno:

(1) Achieve ultra polished skin with the #179 brush

Blend Mineralize Skinfinish Natural all over your skin letting the slant of the 179 Brush follow the natural contours of the face. Dip the synthetic side of the 179 Brush into Semi Precious Pearl Mineralize Skinfinish. Brush width ways along your cheekbones, centre of forehead and bridge of your nose. Lightly mist Fix + onto the 179 Brush fibres and buff over entire face to create a perfected look.

(2) Create a defined and luminous cheek

Use the natural fibres of the 128 Brush to lightly apply Semi Precious Goldstone Mineralize Skinfinish to your temples and underneath your cheek to create a contoured look. Dust Feeling Flush Mineralize Blush over apples of your cheeks with the synthetic fibers of the 128 Brush. Use the tip of the 128 Brush and in a circular motion buff it into your hairline to blend colour and contour together.

(3) Metallic navy smokey eye with #235 brush

Draw Blooz Eye Kohl across your top lash line. Use the synthetic fibers of the 235 Brush to smudge out Blooz across the eyelid blending it up allowing it to fade into your crease. Dip the natural fibers into Blue Sheen Mineralize Eye Shadow and pat it on top of the Blooz Eye Kohl. Use the tip of the brush, holding it horizontally, blend Blue Sheen through your crease to polish and fade out edges. Add a coat of Zoom Fast Black Lash to your top lashes.

(4) Pair a white gold eye with a matte lip

Use the natural fibers of the 234 Brush to press and roll Mineral Mode Mineralize Eye Shadow into the inner corner of your eye around the tear duct. Flip the brush over and use the synthetic side to wash the colour over your eyelid and onto your brow bone. Dip the tip of the 234 Brush into Faux Gold Mineralize Eye Shadow and blend it through your crease and dust it under your bottom lash line. Lightly coat Zoom Fast Black Lash onto your top and bottom lashes. Apply a matte nude lipstick to your lips.


Maya said...

Iris, YOU are THE BEST! :D

Really hope both are released on that day. Yesterday I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when all I saw were the Flighty, Surf Baby and Gaga stuff. :)Felt like a stalker when I went to 4 MAC counters on the same day.

Haru said...

Hey Maya,
So sorry about that! Do call before you pop down next Thursday, and I hope you get Ever Hip!

Magdalena said...

I love this whole collection! Mineralize eyeshadows are the bomb! I got one yesterday! Want more but I have to save up, ah, tough life!!

Laura D.P. said...

hi, I'm a new follower!! I've taken all the brushes from this collection and I'll soon make a post review on my blog... thanks a lot for sharing these trips!!!!

Hannah said...

Didn't see or ask abt the Fashion Flower collection but the Semi Precious collection is out at VivoCity Tangs today. The collection is not on display yet though testers are available.